How To Gut People: Hands-On Preview Of Ninja Gaiden 3

I sat down with my katana and PS3 controller recently to play Ninja Gaiden 3. In addition to pausing the game every so often to act out my favourite moves, I put together this video showcasing what Ninja Gaiden 3 has to offer. You'll see blood being flung off of a sword, an unsettling cutscene, and evidence of Ryu Hayabusa's love for birds of prey.

It's quite an emotional roller coaster.


    What happened Ninja Gaiden? You used to be cool, man. I should've seen the signs with NG2, the camera was worse, unbalanced monetary system and boring store (made even worse in NGS2), fugly monsters that were too big to fit in shot so half the time you never saw what you were fighting, button mashing combat, spammy projectile throwing enemies, terrible framerate, retarded story, bad pacing...
    and now this... everything i've seen from NG3 disappoints me. Esspecially this disturbing killing. I don't particularly want to know what it's like to "actually cut into flesh with a katana", you sick arseholes. I want to play a good action game

    No dismemberment? Screw the weak stomached and the scared little children. There should at least be limbs flying around the screen in fountains of blood.


      I totally agree.
      Buckets of blood mean nothing if your supposed razor sharp katana, can't cut shit!
      No limb severing, no sale...
      I want my sword to do, what a sword should be able to.

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