Vodafone Opens Up Australian Vita Pre-Orders

If you're keen for Sony's PlayStation Vita and haven't already imported your own, Vodafone Australia opened up pre-orders on its site today. The handheld gaming consoling will ship locally February 23.

You can choose between two options:

  • paying $419 for the prepaid kit, which includes the Vita and a SIM with 200MB of data (with 30 day expiry);
  • buying on contract for $55 per month over 12 months (a minimum total cost of $660) with a 1.5GB per month plan over that time.

Both options bundle a 4GB memory card with the unit, which is nice but not pants-wetting. Pre-orders will shop on February 23, which I guess means people willing to queue at a store might get theirs faster, Australia Post or your psychotic local courier willing.



    That's actually not that bad. Especially being able to get the thing for free on the $55/mo. plan (and also note that's 1.5gb data per month, not 1.5gb over 12 months - article's wording is ambiguous).

    In the UK they also give a free copy of Wipeout to purchasers though. Why not us as well? Bad enough to be stuck on Vodafail's network...

    Bloatware alert.

    so, $241 over twelve months, is $20 per month for 1.5GB. You'd be better off just getting the unit and going prepaid.

    Vodafone needs to work on their poor reception before they ever start catering to the Vita. Can't wait till my contract expires, I'll be going elsewhere.

    Playing online with 3g will suck on Vodafone.
    My phone can barely get Vodafone 3g reception when I travel as it is.
    My option will be to stick with the WiFi model.

    Playing online with 3g will suck on Vodafone. My phone can barely get Vodafone 3g reception when I travel as it is. My option will be to stick with the WiFi model.

      You can't play games over 3G with the Vita.

        That's ok. You can't do anything over 3G with Vodafone. Well, except for maybe 2 minutes a day if the planets align.

        I think the 3G supports asynchronous gaming e.g turn based games like Hot Shots Golf.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 3G model isn't actually locked to Vodaphone is it? They're just the official carrier.

      Yeah. Any sim card on a data plan should work.

      There was a story about a month or two ago where a store (I think it was JB) announced that they were not able to sell the 3G version because their official carrier was Telstra.

      I know in the US it was locked, but I don't know about Vodaphone and PAL territories.

    Anyone know if Big W plan on offering it up for pre-order? They had a pretty good deal for the 3DS and iirc it was priced lower than other retailers (except maybe JB). Can't see anything on their site, but I haven't checked in stores yet, maybe it's just not updated?

      I don't believe they are allowing for preorders

      Wait till closer to release date and they throw out a crazy price, i think kmart had the 3DS at 288 first day. Also anyone who is worried about playing with 3g Get a portable wifi dongle and chuck it in your back pack. Cheaper 3G, cheaper vita and faster 3G.

        Yea I can vouch for that, pre-ordered the 3DS a week before release from Big W, they had a starter kit (better quality than you would think) and Rayman included for around the same price, pretty good if you ask me.

        As for the 3G Vita, I think the WiFi version is the only real option here, most people (that I know) have more data quota on their mobile plan than what's included and if like me you have an Android phone (2.2+, can't speak for iPhone's) then you can just make a Wi-Fi hotspot, and bam! Your Vita now has internet away from home, and unless you use alot of data over 3G it would no doubt end up being much cheaper than maintaining a separate data plan just for the Vita.

    anyone know of any other online preorder deals
    Game has a free copy of Ridge Racer
    JB has starter pack(hive)
    and EB sold out of whatever theirs was and only have a Polycarbonate Case for in-store preorders

    WiFi only, and use my phone as a Wifi hotspot. Sorted.

    If you're a sane, logical person, you'll love this:

    If you purchase a 3G PS Vita and connect to Vodafone, you get a Code for a free copy of WipEpout 2048.

    AS LONG, as you don't buy the PS Vita from Vodafone themselves...


    So to be clear, if you buy the 3G Vita from Vodafone, you get a free memory card. But if you buy the 3G Vita from someone else and THEN connect to Vodafone, you get a free game.

    Why can't I purchase a 3G PS Vita from Vodafone and then redeem a code for Wipeout?

    Being stuck on the worst network in oz for $55 month? Id rather import it and get a $20 monthly sim on a better network like Optus or telstra for my 2gigs.
    Vodafone really really make me sad.

    Step 1. Buy Wifi PSVita
    Step 2. Turn internet sharing on with smartphone
    Step 3. Instant transformation to 3G
    Step 4. You have now saved yourself a carp load of money

      And now have a second battery to run into the ground. My phones already bad enough when my data connections turned on, acting as a hot spot drains battery real fast... I guess I'll just have to get a portable recharger though, for both my phone and Vita. Can anyone tell me if the Vita does recharging via USB though, or does it only use an AC adaptor it came with?

        Comes with an AC charger. USB cable sold separately for RRP $12.95

          Doesn't charge over USB I believe, only off AC power. USB is for data transfer.

    Wait, isnt vodafone Australia giving us redeem code for wipeout as well. not just the UK but here as well. and 55/month is pretty good, feels like you are only paying $17.75/month for the 1.5gb plan ^.^

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