Want Some Rye?

Course ya do.

This line, from 1993's Return to Zork, gets me every time. Put a couple of beers in me and I'll start asking it of people who have no idea what I'm talking about, but stuff 'em, because if they don't want any rye then they're not worth my time anyway.


    I love how if u cut instead of digging up that plant from the beginning the whole game is a waste of time.

    Holy shit I used to say this line all the time!

    hahaha, my brother and I still say this one all the time.
    I didn't know you could light a match in there to die, bahahaha!!

    Omg Zork is 19 this year??? I STILL remember the very day it was released. This game and Rebel Assault caused my mate and I to buy CD Roms :)


    Loved this game sssoo much, never got to finish it. >_>

    Tried installing it on my computer but it just shits itself, has no sound and plays SUPER fast.

    Ended up reading a walkthrough a few years ago to finally rest my brain on how it finished and I was actually really close.

    Oh man whenever I pass the bread aisle in the supermarket and see those fancy breads with Rye in it I always repeat the line to myself.

    I played this when I was a little kid, about 5. Made him drink too much, and I thought he died haha, when I reentered that room and saw him back up I jumped, fell off of my chair and got to the other end of the house as fast as I could. Fun times with Zork :)

    Funny how there's no plunkett bashing in this thread...

      Nostalgia, it works wonders :)


    Shay only eats caer-rots!

    LoL - yep. Awesome. The theme music from RtZ is actually one of my favourite pieces of video game music and the intro to this game full stop is plain awesome. I played through it a couple of years ago (with the aid of the hint book, as some of the puzzles are plain ridiculous) and still loved it. I have Nemesis and Grant Inquisitor sitting on my shelf but have yet to play them through.

    "Here's to us!"

    Make that "GraNd Inquisitor"

    "None like us!"

      "Who's like us?"

      "Damn few"

      "And they're all dead!"

      PS: Have you been drinking with Boose Miller?

    great game i always found it hilarious that he got so drunk that he feel off his chair. These days i know his pain =)

    i always struggled getting through the forest with the witch in it. i was told that you could use a mirror to get through but still didnt work for me ='(

    I say this to my house mate all the time. He has no idea what its from but now he says it as well! Good times!

    Anyone seen any sailors??

    Buh. There was no chance that a regular kid was going to finish this game. That was the era where we still talked about "beating" games instead of nishinomiya them -- because it was war, and there is nothing fair about war or adventure games.

    Unwinnable state. Dammit. You keep playing, but nothing that you do woild bring back that item you squandered. You were a dead man walking..

    I get that that's just how things were--but I knew it was bs even at the time. Can you lose a football game by going offsides in the first half? No. It's stupid.

    BAHAHAHAHHAHA oh wow... flashback to the first time I ever saw a CD-ROM game at a friends house. Cue weeks of Mt. Splashmore-esque nagging, lawn mowing, and gutter cleaning, until victory and the joys Return To Zork. So many memories.

    Bugger it. Now I feel old.

    I need a new battery.. CAN YOU HEAR ME? A NEW BATTERY!

    When I played this game when I was nine years old I misinterpreted the game and thought that the residents of West Shanbar who had gone missing were actually defecting to the underground empire with the help of Boos who was putting them down the trap door he's sitting on. I actually thought at the end of the game that he was only pretending to be a drunk, but if you show his picture to some people they confirm that he's genuinely a hopeless case. Anyway, here's to Boos Miller! raise a glass!

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