Want Your PS3 Games To Run Faster? Buy An SSD

Want Your PS3 Games To Run Faster? Buy An SSD

The Xbox 360 and Wii are, if you want to stay under warranty, locked entities. You can’t upgrade them at all. The PS3, though, lets you swap out a hard drive, and with the coming of the age solid state drives (SSD), this can result in big performance gains.

Running a series of tests across games using a standard PS3 hard drive, a hybrid drive (half regular drive, half SSD) and a Samsung SSD, tech specialists Digital Foundry have found that, depending on the game, there are some major improvements to be had in both a PS3 game’s loading times and associated stuff.

RAGE, for example, looked way better, with much of its annoying texture pop-in resolved. Skyrim gets a big boost too, including a noticeable reduction in the “lag” that’s been affecting PS3 owners of the game.

It’s not a magic fix for all games, though. An SSD didn’t do squat for Battlefield 3, nor Kingdoms of Amalur, and only made a slight difference to a range of other titles.

You can see the full run-down, including handy comparison vids, below.

Can SSD Upgrades Boost PS3 Performance? [Eurogamer]


  • Cool. I knew this like 2 years ago when another blog wrote about the benefit difference between the 3 types of drives.

  • Lawl pretty sure it was even this blog that had an article about the performance difference between standard and ssd and ended up claiming that the price difference was not enough to offset the small load time variance.

  • The problem with SSD’s are that they are still way too expensive IMO. Right now you’re looking at about $150 for a 60GB SSD (if you go for SATA3, which you should be for a PC) which is kinda silly. I think they will start to become more popular in a couple of years when the prices start coming down.

    • The only problem with that is you’re thinking it as a storage device not a supercharger.

      Bang for buck an SSD is way better value than buying a new processor or video card or adding RAM.

      Get a traditional HDD for storing all your movies and music, and an SSD for the things you want to run, and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

      • I tend to disagree. You’re going to be putting data on it, whether that data happens to be applications is irrelevent. And you can’t store much on a 60 GB drive, especially after you install the operating system on it. You’re going to want something around at least 120GB really, and for that you’re forking out about $240 currently. You can just about buy a new processor or video card for that kind of money.

      • If that’s your opinion, you may not have experienced the benefits of a good quality SSD. Putting one in will make even an aging, slow machine run like a dream. Putting one in a half-decent modern machine and it’ll go like lightning. The traditional platter HDD has always been the bottleneck.

  • Actually if you read the article, Eurogamer’s conclusion was that it doesn’t make much of a difference unless the game was badly implemented in the first place, and even then it’s not worth the cost.

  • The big problem with saying that a SSD is making the PS3 games faster is that most of teh games still run off the Bluray Disc, having the SSD isnt going to help with this

  • Everything I’ve read regarding this suggests that as some others have said, the benefit is either so small it’s not worth it, or more commonly there is no noticeable benefit. I fail to see how it would help any games without an install option. Title of this article is typically misleading : /

  • I have not actually installed a game on my ps3 always used the disk but is the option to install nba 2k available?

  • That’s great and all, but how do they resolve the issue of TRIM &/or garbage collection. Better off buying a Seagate Hybrid HDD (with 4GB SLC SSD Cache).

    • Would be pointless the ssd part of the hardrive wouldn’t work as the playstation(and with a little more effort xbox) operating system hasn’t been optimized to use the ssd as a chache. To be honest you’re not going to see an increase in performance as the hardware is to old for the ssd the CPU and GPU bottleneck it you’re better off buying a of I’d you’re a speed freak.

      • Lol wut? That massive CPU/GPU bottleneck in the PS3 that has faster data transfer speeds than x86? That in some cases is up to 8x faster than modern desktops?

  • The problem with SSDs is that writing to them is like trying to chisel ancient hebrew into a stone tablet with your eyeball.

    Dollar for dollar, MB for MB, I’d go a hybrid over an SSD any day in my PS3. Unless of course I was going to put it into my beige AMD 286, then I would buy an SSD and install Windows for Workgroups on it.

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