Watch A Mean Ol’ Reaper Blot A Little Girl’s Sunshine In This Mass Effect 3 Teaser

Watch A Mean Ol’ Reaper Blot A Little Girl’s Sunshine In This Mass Effect 3 Teaser

This teaser is only a small part of a larger clip that EA’s going to roll out during this Sunday’s Walking Dead. Stephen and I got to see it during EA’s Spring Showcase event and it’s got us even more pumped for a game that we were already excited about. Even if you hate the AMC horror series, record it for this trailer.


  • Can’t wait to see the full thing. The close-up of the girl’s eye is pretty amazing… was this trailer created by Blur like the ME2 cinematic trailer and the TOR trailers?

  • Do we ALWAYS have to see JUST AMERICA burning?

    It’s getting BORING by now.


  • Christ the concept seems boring. Scaaary alien spaceships with badass names and Earth under attaaack.

    Great visuals though 😀

  • Agree with the Halo comment – but I don’t care, they share quite similar themes in their storylines. Sci-Fi afterall.

    But I must say, I’ve always enjoyed EA/BioWare’s marketing for the Mass Effect series – 2 and 3 anyway, don’t remember number one. My favourite will be from ME2 where it introduces the different characters from the POV of the Illusive Man talking to Miranda. I know it was CG but would make a wicked CG movie and the camera work was superb.

    This is different – but still striking. I know it’s overused by having children in trailers, but the CG looks terrific, especially the eyes. Then again, I was a fan of the ME3 trailer about the news broadcast with live-action.

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