Watch A Mean Ol' Reaper Blot A Little Girl's Sunshine In This Mass Effect 3 Teaser

This teaser is only a small part of a larger clip that EA's going to roll out during this Sunday's Walking Dead. Stephen and I got to see it during EA's Spring Showcase event and it's got us even more pumped for a game that we were already excited about. Even if you hate the AMC horror series, record it for this trailer.


    Can't wait to see the full thing. The close-up of the girl's eye is pretty amazing... was this trailer created by Blur like the ME2 cinematic trailer and the TOR trailers?

      No apparently it wasn't Blur but a group called Digic.

      Still i think this little tease looks better:

    Meh, using kids to get emotional reactions never works for me since I know most of them will die anyway.

    Dem Tropes

    Do we ALWAYS have to see JUST AMERICA burning?

    It's getting BORING by now.


      Wasn't the 1st trailer set in London, England. EEEENNNNNNGAAAAAHHHHLAAAAAANNNDUH E-N-G-L-A-N-D. You know with the sniper in the Big Ben clock tower on fire and all that.

        Also, nothing in this trailer is inherently America.

    Christ the concept seems boring. Scaaary alien spaceships with badass names and Earth under attaaack.

    Great visuals though :D

    I'm sorry Halo did this years ago....

    Agree with the Halo comment - but I don't care, they share quite similar themes in their storylines. Sci-Fi afterall.

    But I must say, I've always enjoyed EA/BioWare's marketing for the Mass Effect series - 2 and 3 anyway, don't remember number one. My favourite will be from ME2 where it introduces the different characters from the POV of the Illusive Man talking to Miranda. I know it was CG but would make a wicked CG movie and the camera work was superb.

    This is different - but still striking. I know it's overused by having children in trailers, but the CG looks terrific, especially the eyes. Then again, I was a fan of the ME3 trailer about the news broadcast with live-action.

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