Watch Planetside 2’s Sky Lance Sketched, Modelled And Textured From Scratch

Watch Planetside 2’s Sky Lance Sketched, Modelled And Textured From Scratch

Well, almost scratch. The designer starts off with the basic shapes but, from there, you’ll see it go from shaded blobs to coherent blocks, then to polygons before finally being finished off with all the small details. I can say, from experience, it’s pretty much exactly how artists go about creating in-game 3D assets.

It’s a time-lapse video and amounts to almost four minutes; it’d be nice to know how long the total process took. Still, this inside peek is a great move on Sony Online Entertainment’s part, if only to help fans understand the work that goes into making any large-scale title. Heck, as a publicity move, it beats the hell out of a forgettable press release.

PlanetSide 2: Time Lapse Weapon Design [YouTube, via RPS]


  • Awesome. I love seeing how the professionals do things from start to finish, beats the crap out of my week-long modeling projects.

  • It’s probably worth noting that this is only the concepting phase, That model is not the model that ends up in game, and nor is that the texturing process for game art.

    Very cool video though. 🙂

  • If you’re interested in seeing more about the development of game assets and programming, the Wolfire guys do great weekly videos of their in development game Overgrowth.

    I’ve also recently started a new game and am recording every second of development I do. I’m putting the videos on YouTube as “Every Semicolon” .

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