Watch R18+ History In The Making

On February 15 Jason Clare introduced the R18+ classification amendment to parliament, taking the first step towards implementing an adult rating for video games in Australia. Since then, we learned that the Coalition requested that the proposed bill will be sent to an inquiry. That's disappointing, but for now let's enjoy — if that's the right word — watching Jason Clare present the proposed amendment to Parliament, via the wonder of youtube!

At the moment there's no real update as to the status of the bill, hopefully we'll get a more concrete update on precisely where the R18+ inquiry is at when Parliament sits next week. But with the Kruddster and Julia at each other's throats, we wouldn't be surprised if Parliament House has been torched to the ground by then.

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    I can't help but wonder what effect, if any, the Kevin/Julia confusion will have on the R18+ ammendment.
    Hopefully it won't delay it, but it's interesting how quickly the people in charge can change in a system what works so slowly.
    As for parliament getting torched to the ground, we can only hope.

      I don't see how it could really affect something like this.

      Unless Rudd blames her back-stabbing on video games.

        "Dark Souls taught me the value of a sneaky backstab, and I've never been the same since."

          Finding out that one of our political leaders plays Dark Souls would make me inclined to forgive them for just about anything.

        It shouldn't, but this sort of thing can have unexpected fallout.

        It could have a big effect if there's a (by)election and the coalition gains the balance of power in the house of reps. Being a traditionally conservative party means that they may well decide to completely block the legislation. And really, the call for an inquiry is probably further indication of their position.

          Everyone keeps misspelling "stupid". It starts with "stu", not "inq"...

    Just wait, Rudd will run her over with his car and then say "GTA made me do it"

      Maybe he could blame it on the Julia Gillard GPS

    They could sort out their issues with a few rounds of mortal kombat?

    Until I see a game with an R18+ rating on the shelves (or behind lol) here in Australia, I just cant get excited. Ive been hurt before in the past lol

    While were at it can they enforce the Rules on MA 15+ I'm absolutely sick of joining a Xbox live game and hearing some annoying 10 year old who won't shut up.

      If they're playing it in their own home and their parents haven't stopped them, then they ARE enforced, their parents have given consent to them playing it. Sorry to disappoint you :( The myth about MA15 is that it restricts you legally from playing it under any and all circumstances if you're under 15. Parental consent is a double edged sword...

        Yeah, right on the money there. I sell games at work and constantly tell parents that MW3 and BF3 are MA15+ and aren't great games for kids but it's usually met with 'oh, but little billy really wants it, and all his friends have it, so it'll be okay'.

        The "Parental Guidance" for MA15+ actually requires supervision while the game is being played. Same way that a parent/guardian cannot buy a ticket for a sub-15 year old to a 15+ movie alone, they need to also buy a ticket and supervise. It's obviously nigh impossible to confirm that parents/guardians are actually supervising minors playing 15+ games (as has been stated, voice chat on Xbox Live is basically proof that they dont) but those that dont supervise could actually get fined.

        In the end its unenforceable (although public admittance would probably hold up), but that's how it's supposed to work. The More You Know, right?

          Or they ARE being supervised....but that's just terrifying to think of parents who would let that happen

        I don't believe that. Parents need to realise what they are buying when it comes to games. Classifications are always the obvious look but i am willing to bet sums of money that half of the parents who buy children an Xbox/PS3 etc. that the consoles have parental settings to stop kids from playing them. Parents need to step it up here and actually care about what games they are purchasing and that it wont be the end of the world of the spoilt brat doesnt get the game they want because "all my friends have it and i dont so i need it!" they are the adults, the make the calls and have to take responsibility.


    What inquiry did the Coalition get it sent to, and why? Given the shenanigans in the past, a little more detail would be good!


      Referred to Committee (16/02/2012): House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs;query=Id%3A%22legislation%2Fbillhome%2Fr4754%22;querytype=;rec=0

      and a link to the page on the committee's website

    Go Kevin 07, personally I think Julia is quite the nasty undermining person. Oh yay R18+ coming 2020.....go Australia *facepalm*

    Julia "As Prime Minister" GIllard is hopeless, and Kevin "Listen here MATE!" Rudd is a nasty little manipulator and control freak. How on Earth these two kicked Kim Beazley out and won an election against the Howard government is incredible.
    As much as people don't like the Coalition, we need them because they are the only ones who can actually govern the country. Labor may have nice idealistic goals, but the Coalition are realistic.
    Hopefully the Labor party continue to tear themselves apart and once voted out will remain in opposition for another decade!

    Oh yeah, yay R18+! WOOOO!

      Trying to start a flame war much?

      "Labor may have nice idealistic goals, but the Coalition are realistic."
      Because the Coalitions goals for the NBN are so realistic that Malcolm can't even come up with some hard facts for his 'alternative plan'.

      Not to pick one side over the other, but we live in a society where a candidate's position is strengthened when it is revealed that he spent tax-payer dollars on going to a strip-club when he was supposed to be representing Australia at a UN conference.
      The ideal of choosing a candidate because they are the most capable or qualified went out the window years ago, replaced with choosing one because they are perceived as likeable, or associable.

        Haha, oh man, I forgot about that. Rudd is awesome.

      I am not so sure about Tony "I'll turn back the boats - Kill FTTH - You cannot trust in what I'm saying" Abbott though o_0

      The last thing we need is Captain Churchandstate calling the shots. He'd keep us back in the 19th century if he could.

      Julia's got a lot going for her, it's shame she's appears to be so comically inept. Rudd was great though, the first proper Labor leader in too long.

        HA! I love it how you leftists always bring up his religion - Rather than listening to the Green-Washing Abbott attack, how about you actually listen to the man talk - or better, go read his book Battle-Lines.
        Although one criticism i do have of him, he should just admit he thinks global warming his a heap of shite and scrap their green-scheme. Freaking waste of money.

          You could only find one criticism?

            Hey Tom, I think I will take my global climate advice from scientists rather than the followers of Yahweh.

            I kind of like having rights in the workplace as well, I don't feel a "need" to give them up.

          I've heard him talk. He is REALLY good at attacking Labor, for what its worth.
          But I especially like his views on the NBN. We don't need it. The internet is a silly fad and it'll pass in a few years.

          Just you wait, pen and paper will be coming back BIG!

            "Just you wait, pen and paper will be coming back BIG!"

            Pen? Heck no! Pencil and paper. That way when you f*** up, you can make it like it never even happened!

      Oh god political debate.
      From someone who thinks anything that reduces pollution or like, whether you think global warming is real or not, is bad.

      Julia Gillar and Kevin Rudd may not be good, but Tony Abott goals seem to be blame everything on the carbon tax, conserve all the money instead of spending it( having us in surplus is shit because our infrastructure is shit because of it, our train systems are in dire straits especially) and his religious views would send us back to the stone age.

      There are no politicians that have your best interests at heart and the sooner you get that through your head, the quicker you'll stop saying nonsense like you've said here

    Adults are not mature enough to be playing games children are mature enough to play!

    Heh - the House was certainly packed for that second reading speech.

    The Classification board could just RC every possible R18 game and just rate every single MA15+ game as R18. But what I really like is he mentions the all an important fact, that the average age of a gamer is 32, and that its stupid to refuse entertainment to 18+ gamers who exist on mass.

    This was the best thing I could have woken up to today, besides being able to sign up for Guild Wars 2.

    I wonder if this will make the news on any of the commercial networks.

      I sincerely doubt it, but if it did, it would probably be sensationalised and painted in a negative light (like the last few times this issue popped up on shows like Sunrise and whatnot).

    Woot - Im glad i sent this in ^_^

    Why is the inquiry disappointing? Normally that means it's a higher priority and will be scrutinised and stamped earlier than other bills.

    Provided it passes.

    Don't start celebrating yet.. Until the legislation is passed, we'll probably see more delays as various politicians try to stop the legislation due to their promises to the almighty ACL

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