Watch Someone Play Mass Effect 3 For 60 Minutes

Many people already have access to the Xbox 360 demo for Mass Effect 3, so naturally, there are people recording the thing like crazy and uploading videos to YouTube. Here are just a couple of them.

The first clip will get you some character creation and the intro. The second clip will get you the first two missions from the game.

Be warned, as this is actual gameplay content from the final release, there be spoilers ahead.


    So tempting to watch this, but going into the first two games mostly blind (having gotten to the party late) I'd like to do the same thing for this game as well.

    I'd rather wait for my PC Demo to unlock. Whenever the hell that's scheduled for, because oh no, we'll only unlock the demo early on the 360. HERP.

      Yeah i am waiting for the PC demo as well. It's suppose to be up at 10am PST, which i think is about 4 or 5am AEST?

      Anyway, had a quick skip through the videos, looks good; can't wait to try it out!

    May I offer a controversial opinion?

    Mass effect suuuuucks. I'm hoping to see the light and have my opinion contrasted by those fellow readers who enjoy the game + franchise. No diss intended by my opinion. Why is it so popular?

      you're opinion is an insult, unsporrted by reason. It is a "diss"
      I understand people have different opinions, but if you don't want to start an argument then show reasoning beyond an insult.

      I just find it fun, more story driven than most games. Combat was fun, started at ME2, at looks to be getting better.

    Nope, not watching that no matter how tempting it is.
    Ever since I spoiled my self with ME2, I refused to look into most aspects of ME3.
    But lurking on /v/ is bloody hard when trolls post key plot points and screw it up for people...

    Holy sh**, those are some pretty impressive graphics.

      The graphics are a gigantic leap from ME2. Loved them. Cutscenes especially are so much better.

        Noooo do not tempt me!!! Now I feel the urge to watch these... NO I SHAN'T!

    That guy's even more ripped than Chris Redfield, bro

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