Watch The Hilarious Intros And Entrances For Street Fighter X Tekken's Tag Teams To See Why They're Working Together

Street Fighter x Tekken is more than just the crossover of two powerhouse fighting game franchises. It's also a fusion of the sensibilities behind the two universes. Similar plot points — lethal government agents, shadowy underworld crime syndicates, etc. — get used in various Street Fighter or Tekken games, but the latter series tends to feel more self-serious than the former.

But, as these video segments from SFxT will show you, the whole game gets painted with a wacky brush. Pulled from a preview build of the game, what follows are the intros and trash talk certain teams deliver. You'll also geta pretty good sense of each side's roster, too, so if you want to know which Tekken or Street Fighter characters made the cut, you'll want to watch the whole thing. We'll have more coverage of Street Fighter x Tekken coming soon.


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