What Are You Playing This Weekend

I'm done with Zelda. Feels good man. It's not that I didn't enjoy the game, just that I really felt as though I wanted to have it done with so I could enjoy other games. This weekend? Well, it's going to be a toss up between Skyrim (stupidly got hooked again while I was sick) or continuing with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection...

I've been playing through Metal Gear Solid 3 recently, and I've really been blown away. The last time I played this game it had the old MGS fixed viewpoint — playing through with HD visuals and a fully controllable camera really transforms the experience. This, and the fact that most Metal Gear Solid games feel like fresh dynamic experiences every time you play, has made it feel as though I'm playing a brand new game, as opposed to treading through an old game for nostalgia reasons.

And man, Metal Gear Solid 3 is still awesome.

Anyway, enough gushing from me — what are you guys playing this weekend?


    I still haven't played Deus Ex HR so ... I'm trying to gear myself up to start that today. I'm so bad at starting new games. I usually just sit around either looking at the cases or the titles in my Steam list until its bedtime. :P

    Demon's Souls. Not long to go now! But then I guess there's NG+

    Lucky Ducky. lol

    I'll be playing some Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

    I would also love to get some time to finish off Shadows of the Damned so i can finally jump into the Uncharted games (i got 1 for xmas), following that up with Demons Souls! :D

    Picked up Resistance 3 yesterday, looking forward to getting stuck into it!

      YES! Such a great game.

    I just grabbed a copy of Psychonauts so I'll either be playing that or playing some Resident Evil 5 co-op.

    Also I'll be heading to Mana Bar and Blipfest tomorrow, aaawwwwww yeeeaaaaaaa

    Seriously considering getting Alan Wake from GMG since they have it for $20... loved it on 360, looks really good on PC from what I'm seeing.

    Otherwise probably more SWTOR and possibly Gears 3.

    I've actually been laying Katawa Shouja the past 2 days, I might press on and finish off the game with the Shizune and Lilly story arcs, or i'll play Fallout.

    Gonna turn down my more refined and cerebral instincts and play some more Saints Row 3. Using a lot of great graphic mods for skyrim lately too so will probably play some more of that...

    Skyrim and Skyrim CK. I should get extra points for originality.

    Combat Mission, Jagged Alliance and some Crusaader Kings II.

    Finishing up RE:Revelations campaign, then hitting up raid mode some more (which is awesome fun and insanely addictive) plus, gonna get into FFXIII-2 some more. Only put about 6 hours in so far, and enjoying it, but been distracted by other things. If I find time, I'll belt out some more KoA Reckoning too.

    I've still got Disgaea 4 and Dark Souls sitting on my shelf mocking me. I;ve done about 30 hours on Dark Souls, but put it down and got distracted. That being said, I finished Demon's Souls and got 3/4 of the way through NG+, so I really should get back on it. I'm certain my parry/riposte timing will take some reminding though. Such a good game though - worthy successor to Demon's Souls in every way.

    ME3 multiplayer beta!

      It's amazing, isn't it! I've been playing it every chance I get while at home since it came out on Tuesday night. I originally told myself I wouldn't play it, but then found out that the ME was unlocked straight away. One of the best wave based co-ops I've played.

    Skyward Sword is nothing but a dream for me. I can't even play it anymore because of my shoulder injury :(

    My local GameTraders was liquidating Shadows of the Damned stock yesterday, so I picked it up for $20. I'll probably try and get through that over the weekend, and maybe some more Amalur: Reckoning.

    I started Darkness II last night but didn't really have the energy to play for long so I'll probably play it some more/finish it over the weekend (apparently it is quite short - my wife knocked it over in about 9 hours going at a pretty leisurely 'find ALL the collectibles' pace, but immediately jumped into a New Game + to beat it on Don difficulty.

    Just started Yakuza 4 last night, so hopefully get a bit further through that. And also hopefully manage to fit in a bit of Back To The Future, Just Cause 2 and/or Final Fantasy V.

    Just finishing up Infamous (better lat than never I guess), with only a couple of main missions and a handful of side missions to go.

    Then Arkham City I think.

    You never played the Subsistance (or whatever it's called) version?! For shame.

    Was planning to play You Don't Know Jack on PS3...
    So I guess I'll play the original on PC! :D

    Gonna start up and hopefully finish off Uncharted 3. After that, I might just rent Red Steel 2.

    I'm shelving Mass Effect 3's MP demo until the real thing, so...

    - Forza 4.
    - Skyrim.
    - Portal 2.
    - Resident Evil........... 5!

    Playing back through LttP....maybe some Metro 2033

    I started FF13-2 the other day, so i thought i would be playing that. I just managed to grab one of GameSpot AU's D3 beta codes. I AM SO CONFLICTED!

    Then i remember i have to go to a charity race day, which will see me out of Sydney for the weekend. DAMN YOU SOCIAL LIFE!

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