What? Battleship Is Evolving... Into A First-Person Shooter?

Battleship was once a strategic board game in which players had to guess where their opponents had placed their war ships. This summer, it will be an action-packed movie in which ships blow each other up. And this May, publisher Activision said today, it will be a video game in which you shoot people.

Developer Double Helix Games (Silent Hill Homecoming) is helming the board game-turned-movie-turned-video game, which will be out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Studio Magic Pockets will develop versions for 3DS, Wii, and DS. You'll switch between strategy/simulation and first-person shooter sections as you play.

Oh and also there are aliens.

"Inspired by the film's exciting action and stunning backdrop, the game is next-gen naval warfare that thrusts players into the middle of humanity's last stand against an unfamiliar menace," Activision Publishing's David Oxford said in a press release. You'll play a guy named Cole Mathis as he fights off "aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril" in the Hawaiian islands.

Because nothing says Battleship like aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril.


    $10 says this game will sell more copies than activisions other licensed game it published earlier last year: X-Men Destiny.

    Comes across visually as a cross between BF2 and BF2142.

    I'm pretty sure that there was a whole joke about them doing a FPS tie in for the Battle Ship movie.

    As in a "wouldn't it be really stupid if they..." kind of joke.

    Why is it that Activision is ok with making a crappy tie in that's probably going to bomb to a movie that's probably going to bomb but they are terrified of investing in new and interesting games because they are unproven.

    Does that means it's better to invest in a failure that you know will fail instead of investing in something that might succeed or fail but you just can't tell?

      Battleship can't bomb. Fact: Any movie with Liam Neeson in it, will be a success.

        They might be successes, doesn't mean they'll all be good.

          Define good

          Sure... but name one that's actively bad.

          He even managed to make a movie as dumb as "Unknown" watchable. That takes a special class of actor.

        The 1993 movie Ruby Cairo grossed a mere $608,866 in the US box office and could easily be considered a flop.

    I would be upset that this isn't coming to PC if I wasn't overjoyed that this isn't coming to PC

    I wonder if it'll be as short as the Battle LA video game tie in... 45 minutes long and no strafing.

    Im surprised Tetris isnt an fps yet honestly.
    God damn movies are friggin lame these days I must say. I mean Battleship?! Whats next? Mousetrap? Snakes & Ladders (On A Plane)?? ah im sad now...

      you're no honestly surprised tetris isn't an fps yet, that's absolutely ridiculous. how would one t-spin in a first person shooter?

        tetris would be a dogfight/flying fps. you t-spin by doing a barrel roll

    Yes this hobby of ours is a creative industry...


    Easy solution for y'all. Don't buy it, don't comment on the articles.

    I'm looking forward to the Connect 4 movie game. thinking a space set horror story ala Dead Space 2.

    You know what *does* say "aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril"? X-COM, specifically Terror From The Deep, done properly and not as some Mass Effects of War style cover to cover, FPS Squad Shooter.

    Jaded Gamer who was hoping for so much more than a cover based, run&gun from the XCOM FPS.

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