What If Uncharted: Golden Abyss Was Released On The Game Boy?

Man, have any of you guys ever played Uncharted before stopping to wonder what it would look like if it was an 8-bit game released on the Game Boy? Yeah... me neither. But still, now that I've mentioned it, you totally want to see it, right? Guys... GUYS?

I think this is quite cool — mainly because of the awesome way the chip tunes have adapted the iconic Uncharted theme, but also just the art and the authentic way it's all been done. Still, I wouldn't want to play it!

Thanks Con!


    Reminds me of those gameboy demakes of bioshock and other games from a few years back, loved those things.

    they should have made it for Gameboy colour or advance

    The Atari 2600 version would probably be like Pitfall

    I wish I had the time to spare to do things like this. I still wouldn't do them, but I'd love to have that kind of time.

    That was kind of disappointing. I was hoping to see an interesting de-make of the gameplay, not just static screens that represented the worst of what the gameboy had to offer (terribly digitised, down-scaled art never intended for the system...).

    And if it was good, why wouldn't you want to play it? The gameboy gave me some of my favourite experiences! Link's Awakening was, in my opinion, the best 2D Zelda. Gargoyle's Quest, Dr Wiley's Revenge, Kirby, Mario Land 2, Wario Land, Pokemon... such a great little system.

      I was hoping for some gameplay too. Pretty cool video, but gameplay would've been nice :P

    It could be potentially awesome. As games dont need HD, effects or any visual WOW factor to be great. Sometimes they just need great story like an amazing book (its just text on paper) , and rewarding simple pleasures to make it amazing. Look at FFVII, it was simple graphics that no next gen console has managed to capture that much detail in a game to date. I made up the dialog and emotions in my super super compter 'brain'. and with a brain can do that. When too much is put on a screen in front of you, you tend to shut off the more graphically cape-able parts of the brain... but thats just my experience and opinion.....

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