What People Think Gamers Do

The stereotypes against gamers never seem to go away, so we've decided to throw our proverbial meme-hat into this ring of "What People Think I Do." You've seen and heard it all; now you can see it in this delightful image form!


    People complain about Bashcraft. Then this pops up. Wat.

      This is actually relevant to gaming though.....

        Barely. I didn't realise I was perusing the likes of 9gag or reddit.

    Why is Kotaku publishing this crap? Two sentences doesn't make a story, it's bad enough that Bashcraft does it, isn't there someway that we can filter out this US rubbish that they parade as journalism?

    Subscribe to the AU feed


      Or just click the "Back" button on your browser and carry on with the rest of your life. One day you'll come to terms with the fact that you'll never get back the valuable seconds you spent reading that 2 sentence article. It might not be today or tomorrow, but one day. And then you will find peace.

        Though after seeing the same comments over and over and over and over I was trying to be helpful and remove the enormous problem from their lives

          ..but if they couldn't complain about 2 sentence articles, then what would they spend their free time doing?

            Signing Half-life 3 online petitions apparently.

            Complain about the articles being to big...


      I thought KotakuAustralia was the Australian feed... I had no idea there was an AU-specific one!

    I am sub to Aust site and then i still get this...


    Read the address... com.au....

      your probably sub to all stories on the .... I dont have time.

      Just go here


      and you will only get content from the Australian writers.

    I love it when people click on an article just to complain about the article.

    There is an even easier solution to avoid articles you have no interest in... I'll leave it to you to try and figure out what that is.

      I'm sure they just want the author to realize they should stop posting shite.

        Except these are republished from the US Kotaku and the authors never read the Australian comments. Unless it's a Tim Rogers article. He thrives on reading all the comments on his stuff.

      I click on an article I'm interested in with the hopes of finding more information than what's provided in the abstract on the main page, and to read and express thoughts on it in the comments.
      These 'one paragraph' articles are only an issue when I click the 'MORE' hypertext, and find that there is no more.

        Honestly, how much more information were you expecting to find based on the paragraph provided?

        The blurb pretty much said, "here's an amusing picture", and now everyone's complaining because there wasn't an essay to read alongside it?

          I wasn't expecting to find more information, but perhaps personal input from the author. Their own opinion on the picture, whether they agree or disagree. Perhaps saying what changes they would make.

          How about "...delightful image form! Now I don't believe all of these are accurate, but I am particularly fond of the image used for the Zynga category. Not only is it an adorable mouse, but it is a good representation of how the company makes games with little variation. It also reminds me of the sad belief that games were the cause of a terrible massacre that claimed the lives of 15 students nearly 13 years ago."

          Just because the Daily Bugle can print pictures of Spider-Man and be successful, doesn't mean all media should follow that example.

          You should change your name... you're not cranky enough dude. lol

    This is like if someone posted an article with a picture that had a arrow to the knee joke.

    I didn't read the 2 sentences, I read the picture... I had a knowingly chuckle to myself, it was enjoyable.

    Sometimes words aren't required, not everything has to be hard nosed investigative pieces, sometimes random shit is welcome after a long day at work.

    Remember when they made that post touting the 4 new staff members they hired? and Tina Amini was the very first one they revealed? and everyone got all excited and brought out their pitchfork demanding Bashcrafts head now they had people to replace him? and we all thought the US article quality would get better?

    yeah. . . that was great. . .

    What I Saw - Kotaku USA Article

    What I Expected - Game Related Journalism

    What I Got - Battered Spouse Syndrome

    No, Kotaku USA doesn't mean to hurt me! I bring it on myself! They'll change! Really! I fell down the stairs again.....

    I'll probably see this on reddit or 9gag when I get home in an hour, but I'm at work, just got out of a 2 hour meeting, and this made me giggle.

    Haters gonna hate.

    I wonder what the actual ratio is between time spent on forums and time spent playing games is for the average gamer?

    Where the hell are these things coming from. I've had at least 20 variations of this joke appear on my facebook in the last week and a half.

    Please... No more!!! I used to think this was funny.... .. ... Until I took an arrow to the knee! *cricket chirping*

    C'MON!!! I HAD to!!!

    I like the last screen, Half Life 3 petition ftw!

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