When Sony Game Developers Wear Skimpy Outfits At Work

Gravity Rush is one of the PS Vita's most compelling titles. Keiichiro Toyama, creator of the Silent Hill series, served as the game's Creative Director. But he didn't make the game alone.

This lady helped — and now this young female developer is dressed up as Gravity Rush for a Twitter photo session.

Gravity Rush goes on sale in Japan next month.

若手女子プランナー [Twitter]


    Completely irrelevant.

    they put gaming related news, on there gaming related new site.

    fucken assholes!

      Cool. They should start posting every time they have a new video on Whores of Warcraft too.

    Don't see why there are complaints. You should have known what to expect from the title.

    She's dressed as the main character from the game, seems relevant to me

    So it's a gaming news site, you don't actually click on every article do you? Stop whining, and just don't click on the article.

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