When The President's Best Man Is A Call Of Duty Fan, There Will Be Problems

Courtesy of Freddie Wong, the US President is reminded of why actual Special Forces troops are selected for their training and fitness, not their K:D ratio.


    Not Freddiew's best vid but I'm going to hope that's because of the feature length video he's working on...

      I'll agree with this, seemed a bit 'meh', but let's remember that's probably because of the amazing standard he's already set. The movie should be cool :)

    Except that in the real world surely you want a special forces troop with a high K:D. Because if it's anything else the guy is probably dead and then he ain't much use as a soldier is he now.

      Yes, true. But I've heard the best of the best only manage to kill around 200 people in their entire career. A little bit different from all those COD players with dicks hanging off their faces who have 200,000 kills.

    Johnson: His KD ratio is unFATHOMable
    President: I dont even know what that means >_<
    Johnson: That's because youre a noob sir

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