While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, forming cat walls and being a general nuisance in ChatChat, the world of video games moved on without you. To bring you up to speed, here's a round-up of the highlights of the night!

The Electronic Software Association (ESA) is a lobbying group funded by the biggest publishers in the world. Want to know what they spent their money lobbying? More specifically, want to know what they spent a whole $1 million lobbying? We've got the details right here.

Facebook currently makes 12% of its money from Zynga. This is pretty huge. While many people may have the "Who gives a darn about Zynga?" attitude, the important thing here is that they're a game development company and one of the world's largest social networking companies is currently making a pretty decent living off their work. What would happen if Facebook collapsed? Oh man, think about that!

In the quirky department, this is a massive collection of Mega Man games, to my dismay there is more Hyperdimension Neptunia in existence, and here's why the Resident Evil 6 demo has staggered release dates.

In short How lobbyists spent $US1m pushing for SOPA Facebook cares about your stupid farm Have you ever seen all the Mega Man games at once? Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 transforms your handhelds into lovely ladies Capcom explains staggered Resident Evil 6 demo release


    I kind of hoped somebody might have fixed the mobile version of Kotaku while I was sleeping :(

    Its a bad sign when I'm up and browsing before this post has gone up.

    Tracey are you sure you're not obsessed with Catchat?

    Cat wall is best wall.

    HAhaha look at that, im famous! Even if i am a dog in that pic.

      cats > dogs.


          (I am only saying that because I spend so much time as a component in a dog wall instead of a cat wall that I must like dogs better. The internet game said so, so it must be true.)

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