While You Were Sleeping

Mark emailed Tracey and me last night, babbling on about some weird dream he had during a fever-induced sleep. It involved snow and FHM magazines. Yeah. We told him to sleep that shit off, so that's what he's doing today. Here's what happened while you were sleeping.

Bashcraft takes you inside the world of a Chinese hacking den, a hole-in-the-wall shop that specialises in modding consoles to run pirated games. First images of a new Disney movie that features an 8-bit arcade villain have made its way onto the interwebs. And Kirk reckons that a supernatural iOS game is "so damned good it's dangerous".

In short: BroShep Takes On His Own Conflicted Longings In Mass Effect 3 Screenshots What? Battleship Is Evolving… Into A First-Person Shooter? From Mecha Girls To Mecha, Fancy Frontier Had It All


    Fever induced hallucinations, I wonder if there's a connection to the bacon milkshake? Could be bigger than LSD!

    I wish I was that dog ... /sigh

      Because Elly won't find that creepy at all...

        I'm sure it's OK since this is a poodle talking. Except the talking part. That's creepy.

          The poodle's not talking, don't be ridiculous. It's clearly typing...which is almost as creepy now that I think about it.

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