While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, eyelids droopy and looking dopey, a new record was set by Tim Schafer's Double Fine studio. Yep, it was a busy night.

Within half a day, Double Fine's Kickstarter goal of raising $US400,000 was met. It is reported that the Kickstarter account was receiving $50,000 every hour... which is pretty darn amazing. Within 24-hours, Double Fine had broken the Kickstarter record by raising $US660,000 from 16,000 backers. As of this morning, more than $US800,000 had been raised. Incredible.

Jason Schreier muses about the future of gaming and whether or not it's digital, and EA's next battle plan is... more guns. What a surprise!

In short Tim Schafer raised $23,000 while we interviewed him Tim Schafer's adventure project shatters Kickstarter records Gamers donate $4000,000 in one day to see their heroes make a new game EA's next battle plan: more Battlefield 3, guns, guns, guns Why the future of gaming might not be that digital


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