While You Were Sleeping

Man, I've been a little bit sick over the last couple of days, and I'm still a bit contagious apparently, so today I'm working from home, wrapped up in a giant housecoat, eating Coco Pops. In short, I'm living the dream. First order of business? Letting you guys know what went down while you were sleeping.

Mass Effect 3 is on its way. There's a demo this week, and while some have worries about the game, they've barely put a foot wrong with its trademark series, so I'm inclined to trust Bioware with this one. It's interesting listening/reading to the some of the US writers rant about 'their' Commander Shepard. It's never been something I'm all that invested in — most likely because I just use the Shepard prepared for me. I just want to play as the guy on the box. I know... I have no imagination!

More speculation about the potential power of next generation consoles abounds — measuring these things straight of the bat always seems like a strange game, but Epic is stating that next gen consoles will need to be at least 10 times as powerful as this gen's if they are to run that swanky demo Epic used to promote its new engine.

Sony's Chief of Development thought Demon's Souls was a bit rubbish when he first played it, David Jaffe would consider pulling a Tim Schafer and using Kickstarter to fund his next game, and you can buy five awesome game soundtracks for as little as $1.

In Short Unreal's Next Engine Will Need A Console At Least 10x More Powerful Thank Xbox 360 Outgoing Twisted Metal Creator Would Consider Kickstarter Funding For His New Project Too This Is Crap, Sony's Chief Of Development Said, After First Playing Demon's Souls Why We Love Our Commander Shepard Five Amazing Game Soundtracks For As Little As $1


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