While You Were Sleeping

Mr. Serrels is still sick (please take a moment to picture him with a cold pack on his head, thermometer in his mouth, his face dotted with red spots (like one of those sick bears they sell at the hospital!)) so I'm flying this ship solo today. Here's your morning round-up of the news from last night!

Tim Schafer would like to make Psychonauts 2 — this we already know. How hard has he tried to make Psychonauts 2? Pretty hard!

The PS Vita won't let you communicate to others that you dislike a game. We don't have a handset over here, but Mr. Kirk "So Dreamy" Hamilton had a go with the handheld and here are his thoughts.

In other news, Sony admits that The Last Guardian is very hard to make, here is some incredible (and tasteful!) cosplay, and here are some mighty fine Mario propaganda posters.

In short The past and future of Psychonauts 2 The PlayStation Vita needs a dislike button Making The Last Guardian is very hard, Sony admits The very best in cosplay: Lindze Mario propaganda keeps Bowser home fires burning


    I just googled Kirk and while you could say he was handsome he falls short of being dreamy.

      Dreamy personality. It all adds up!

      Yeah, all I got was Captain James T. Kirk and there's just no comparison... Sorry...

    But... if Tracey is in charge we'll never guess the 'Remember This'.

      I try to use ones submitted by readers wherever possible!

    We've managed to guess Tracey's Remember This? articles before. Just not as quickly as we do Mark's

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