While You Were Sleeping

So hello! I'm finally back in the Kotaku office, having been stuck at home in a massive shingles induced bubble for the last week and a bit. Can someone remind me what I'm supposed to be doing? While you were sleeping? What's that all about then...

Ah, news and stuff. News that occurred while you were sleeping. Clever. Alrighty then, let's get started!

It was actually a bit of a busy night! I was called from my couch when I heard news that the Coalition had pushed the R18+ bill to an inquiry. MP Ed Husic broke the news via his twitter, and we managed to get his views on the whole situation. If you haven't read about this, I'd make it your first Kotaku port of call this morning.

Far Cry 2 was previous Editor David Wildgoose's vote for the 'game I will never stop talking about' award that I just made up. I wonder how he feels about this Far Cry 3 trailer. Maybe I'll ask him. HEY GOOSE! WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE NEW FAR CRY 3 TRAILER?

Man, Assassin's Creed 3 will be out this year. You can't see me, but I'm totally doing the moonwalk right now. Here are some new details about Resident Evil 6, and this is a big review of the Razer Blade.

In Short The Coalition Push The R18+ Bill To An Inquiry Far Cry 3 Trailer Features Bros, Shots, Shots, Shots Assassin's Creed III Will Be Out Oct 30 New Details About Resident Evil 6 Emerge Razer Blade: The Kotaku Review


    1. Welcome back, ya big sicky!

    2. Whats going on under that girl's covers? 0_o

      No hands, too.

        Must be that special underwear stuff

          TU-PAC! NOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh...Mmmm...!

    Mark, you look really good when you're sick!

    As a completely divorced aside - Farcry 2 is FREE on ps plus today!!

    Mark, it's your duty to try and make everyone else in your work place sick now.

    I don't know why Kotaku didn't report about this even though apart from gaming they also report about Japanese and geek culture and I even tipped them off about it.

    IDW have announced the first ever official Doctor Who and Star Trek crossover series starting in May:

    Now that you've mentioned Far Cry 2, I might load that up instead of finishing The Darkness 2.

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