While You Were Sleeping

Man, waking up on a Monday is the worst. 'Blah blah blah, who cares, stop whinging and tell us some video game stuff that happened over the weekend'! Alrighty then! You asked for it!

Oh wow. Remember QWOP? Actually Tracey wrote a pretty god damn beastly feature about the creator of QWOP, but today we have the unthinkable. Two-player QWOP. Or, as I've taken to calling it: QWO-OP.


Far Cry 3 doesn't look much like Far Cry 2, but that doesn't mean it can't be good... does it? DOES IT?

This is why Skyrim and Arkham City don't have multiplayer, Sony is refuting that developers are abandoning the PS Vita and, speaking of the the Vita, this is the best use of the touch panel so far!

In Short The Sequel No-One Wanted: 2QWOP Far Cry 3 Looks Like First Person Action Flick Sony Refutes Claims That Developers Are Abandoning The PS Vita The Best Use Of The Vitas Touch Panel So Far Why Skyrim And Arkham City Don't Have Multiplayer


    "Or, as I’ve taken to calling it: QWO-OP"

    I lol'd.

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