While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, the world continued to spin, and video game stuff happened. Doesn't video game news understand that the body needs rest goddammit? Not to worry! Here's our daily round up!

You know, I've been doing a bit of nay saying — maybe we don't need traditional handheld consoles, do people have room in their lives for a 3DS or a PSV when iPhones/Android devices are a more supple beast? I hope to be proven wrong. The 3DS, which many had 'nay-sayed' (I invent words now) into the ground has now sold 5 million units in Japan. This is a number which, by all measures, is a complete runaway success. Here's hoping the PS Vita can follow suit.

Tracey's Mum. You may not know this (in fact I'd probably be weirded out if you knew this) but Tracey's Mum is actually awesome at Lumines. This is a segue. For this Lumines review for the PS Vita. Man, I'm tired this morning.

Uncharted 3 won some sort of writing award, probably deservedly, this Pokemon song has adorable potential, and Gabe Newell now has a beard.

In Short Lumines Electronic Symphony: The Kotaku Review Can You Catch All The Puns In This Adorable Pokemon Love Song Uncharted 3 Runs Away With Writing Award Breaking: Gabe Newell Grows Beard The 3DS Is Not A Failure In Japan, It's A 5 Million Sold Success


    what the hell is that animal, lol (a fox?)

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