While You Were Sleeping

Why am I so tired? I slept for ten hours last night! Anyway — video game news. ENGAGE.

What? Nothing interesting happened? Man.

Alright, I'm going to talk about how Kotaku US has been doing way more reviews lately. I'm fine with that, as long as I don't have to do them. Today there's a review for Syndicate — a game we officially can't play.

And then there's another Mass Effect trailer. Well not another one — the same one, just extended by 90 seconds. I can honestly say that I haven't even seen the first one that was released. I just don't watch trailers. They've lied to me too many times goddammit!

Want to change 'While You Were Sleeping' to 'While You Lay Awake In Bed All Night Cowering In A Pool Of Your Own Faeces'? You should totally click on this Cyclops cosplay. Man. Pretty scary. Also — Spec Ops: The Line has a release date and a soldier recreates the Modern Warfare box art.

In Short Syndicate: The Kotaku Review Mass Effect 3 Take Back The Earth Trailer Extended Cut Doubles The Excitement Cyclops Girl Is The Stuff Of Nightmares Bored Soldier Recreates Modern Warfare Box Art Spec Ops: The Line Deploys June 26, Pre-Orders Get FUBARed


    Ten hours? Fuck you.

    Ten hours? Duck you.

    I am also tired. Day 3 of no caffeine. urgh

      I really don't understand why people do this type of thing to themselves. It just makes life less enjoyable!

        I have been sleeping terribly recently although it's getting better already.

        It's actually not so bad, I haven't been getting the headaches that people usually get when they quit, just a bit tired in the morning.

          Fair enough. I'd really miss the smell and that initial lovely first taste from a morning coffee. Still...a nice cup of English Breakfast...oh...wait,...of course, that has caffeine too. Peppermint tea is quite refreshing, I must admit.

            Green Tea has been my goto drink but I'm already sick of it so might branch out with some other flavours

              FYI: Green tea contains caffeine.

                I should read the packet info more carefully, at least its less caffeine.
                I've also been drinking camomile tea which is definitely caffeine free.

                  Camomile tea! Chicks love that gear. ;-)

    enough cosplay thank you please. You slept too long Mark.

    I'd say you were tired because you slept 10 hours. :)
    It is quite possible to over-sleep and you feel more tired the next day.

    Dems puppies

      If you unfocus your eyes it looks like a slab of beef. Rib eye roast or something.

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