While You Were Sleeping

Now is the time where we talk about things that happened while you were sleeping. Game things. You did go to sleep last night, right? Phew!

I slept, technically, but I'm still sleepy. What gives!

Anyway. Video games news, we have it.

Mass Effect 3, it's like the Skyrim of early 2012. The game everyone wants to talk about, write about, get hype about. I'm keen, and I expect it to be quite spiffy. That's no real surprise. Neither is the fact that Ray Muzyka, one of the co-founders of Bioware, thinks the game is a bit of alright. Still, you might be interested to hear some of his thoughts on the game?

I'm a left hander and I'm offended! Why can't I play this new 3DS western that is apparently really fun? First Kid Icarus and now this!

Also, Mario Tennis Open has been dated for Japan, the new Tribes beta is about to kick off, and here is a new Borderlands trailer.

In Short This Man Has Played Through Mass Effect 3 And He Likes It A Lot Nintendo's New 3DS Western Is Cool And Worth Playing Except For One Thing New Borderlands 2 Trailer Promises Lots, Game Hits This September Tribes Ascend Beta Goes Wide This Friday Mario Tennis Open Dated For Japan


    Mark, more stories on Borderlands 2!!!!!

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