Who Has The Best PlayStation Vita Deal?

Sony's next-generation handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Vita, goes on sale next Thursday (February 23). But who is offering the cheapest pre-order deals? Planhacker has crunched the numbers and found there's not much in the way of discounting going on.

As Kotaku Australia reported yesterday, the device is being effectively ignored by major chains. Big W, Kmart and Target will not be stocking it. That means less pressure to offer a cheap price amongst the specialist gaming retailers who are selling it.

If you want the 3G-equipped version with a SIM card from Vodafone, there's essentially no choice price-wise. As we've noted earlier, you can either pay $419 up-front for a prepaid version, including 200MB of data with a 30-day expiry, or pay $55 a month for a 12-month contract with 1.5GB of data a month. That adds up to a total of $660. If you aren't in a good Vodafone reception area, that's a fairly unappealing deal

If you want the Wi-Fi model (which seems likely to be more popular), the official RRP is $349.95. Most retailers are rounding that down to $348, offering free delivery and not much else:

  • JB Hi-Fi has the Wi-Fi model for $348, including a starter pack with a console case, game case, screen protector, cleaning cloth and wrist protector. Free delivery.
  • Game is only offering pre-orders on the 3G model for $419.95, but is including a copy of Ridge Racer. Free delivery, but if you order online, the SIM isn't shipped; you have to pick it up at a store.
  • Dick Smith has the Wi-Fi model for $349, and the 3G version for $419. It also offers a free download of Wipeout 2048, but only after you recharge the SIM. Free delivery for both.
  • EB Games is selling the console for $348. It also has the 3G version for $418. Free delivery for both.
  • Harvey Norman matches that, with Wi-Fi at $348 and 3G at $418. Free delivery for both.

Given that effective lack of competition, supporting a retailer you like (or the one that's nearest) seems as sensible a choice as any. JB is the only substantive bonus offer, but a cheap case is not uber-compelling. If you want the 3G model, Game's free Ridge Racer is the best bonus.

Spotted another good Vita deal? Tell us in the comments. (Note we haven't covered importing the Vita from overseas, largely because I figure anyone that keen on the device will have done so already and wouldn't have had price as a key consideration.)


    I was pretty sure that everyone that activates a Vodaphail SIM in it gets Wipeout free, except the people who buy it from Vodaphone?

      This is true, regardless of where you purchase you will get a free wipeout providing you recharge your voda SIM

      I find it oddly annoying when I see Vodafone spelt Vodaphone, your spelling of Vodafail though just makes be feel weird.

      only if you buy a recharge once the original credit runs out from the poster I saw.

      I picked up a prepaid Vodafone data SIM yesterday, and already activated it, I'll be using it before my Vita comes. But it's intended for the Vita. Question : I COMPLETELY forgot about Wipeout 2048 - I didn't ask, they didn't say either - do you get it free with recharge? The SIM was $30 and comes with 3GB of data for 30 days, but I could always top it up if it meant free Wipeout. Can anyone clarify?

      Mostly curious as to whether I've missed the boat by activating already.

        The Vita comes with a sim card - that's the one that you need to activate and top up to get Wipeout.

    I preordered my wifi Vita from Game, and they said I was getting Ridge Racer

      That is still the case, its just that wifi models at GAME are sold out now so there would be no point listing it.

    EB was offering same starter pack jb hi fi is offering on first batches of preorders along with earphones to customers.
    Probably still can get it if u PO now and just ask for one "if the sales person is nice enough"

    Is it possible to get a GAME warranty that states my product wasn't man-handled by a prostitute prior to my purchase?

      would you rather buy from eb that dont record serial numbers of consoles and when you lose your receipt they tell you to piss off cause you have no proof to say it was bought there

        If you join their 'free' eb games club card thing, it keeps records of your purchase history now from what i have heard.

      Actually Stephen, the only times Game would have to "man-handle" the console itself, are when they have to sell Nintendo hardware as they're the only company that doesn't print the serial number of the console on the outside of the box. So, I'm afraid to say your Vita won't be "man-handled" by a prostitute, unless you really want that, then it can probably be arranged at some extra cost.

        Actually Vincent nintendo are not the ONLY company that does not record serial numbers on the box. Sony PS3 Consoles have serial numbers on the console itself and the one written on the box is Completely different.

        So game WILL have to open them up, however it is only for YOUR benefit

    So from this, GAME.com was the best for wifi only but now the wifi is sold out. And Dick Smith is best for 3G, if you want to play Wipeout.

    Not my picks on games, but both are attractive based on the youtube clips. If you are getting a 3G and tossing up between Ridge Racer or Wipeout, the metacritic scores are 78% (32 reviews) for wipeout and 54% for Ridge Racer (3 reviews)

    I think all of EBGames, GAME.com and JB come with the starter kit that includes $8 online store credit. au.playstation.com has a news article on it.

    Ozgameshop has it for $329 for teh uk model. But you will need to wait weeks for that.

      GAME is stil the best for 3G as you will get Ridge Racer + the Wipeout if you recharge

        yep. Please check out my comment below. Game.com is the only place offering something extra themselves.

          Sorry mate , missed that :)

        There is only limited supply of that Sony pack, and you had to preorder with a deposit a few weeks ago to get that.

    $320 on play asia! Woo!

    Also, all the games are $30-50 on amazon, and postage is only $10 a game.

      Isn't it 250 in the US?

    None of those "deals" sound any good to me, the only free games are wipeout and ridge racer?What is it frick'in 1995?

      They are still brand new titles, new titles from established franchises, they are safe games to bundle and most important they are free!

      If you don't like it any of the bonuses, then buy a Vita and refuse them and that way they can be given to another customer that might appreciated them

    Best deal is still GAME, trade Ridge Racer in for $20 on the sale = $399, activate the Voda sim regardless of whether you intend to continue using it, download free copy of WipeOut and Betty's your trans-gender Aunty formerly known as Bob.

    $275 delivered from amazon.com for me. Sure I'll have it a day or two later but not a bad price at all ;)

      How do you get Amazon to deliver to AU?

        When the preorders opened up last year you could order them to AU. It's since been stopped ;)

    oops, I misunderstood that wipeout was for all 3G purchases. So the only difference is ridge racer for game.com purchases and some places include the pre-order pack from sony which comes with a bunch of cheap crap and an $8 coupon.

    Do they not mention importing a US$250 vita from the US via a mail forwarder for about AU$280 because they're worried about upsetting the local retailers?

    Hell even if I was going to buy a local console I'd still set it up with a US PSN account for buying games much cheaper...

    Yeah ill be waiting for a price drop. These arent deals, this sucks.

    I'd be buying the cheaper wifi model and tethering it to my mobile's internet, myself.

    I support Big W and I got screwed :(

    EB Games is always so shit, with almost everything. Overpriced and gives no bonus.

      Because $348 is so over priced compared to everyone else.......

    They rounded it down to $348... amazing, what will everyone spend that spare $1.95 on?

      An iOS game.

      I'd put it towards FF13-2 DLC.

    Not that they would be pricing it any different, but will Myer be stocking it ?

    I'm waiting for a serious price drop, or more likely whenever anything to do with Shin Megami Tensei or Valkyria comes out.

    It's a pretty shit launch considering the prices are virtually all the same right acrosss the board, but if the vendor is unwillingly to support a retailer who wants to package a game at launch with the console, then this is what you get. GAME are taking a risk and giving away Ridge Racer for free at their own expense to create a bit of hype and excitement (and no wonder that company is up the financial creek without a life jacket or even a wooden spoon to hang on to). Really surprised that Uncharted or Modnation or something from one of Sony's own studios wasn't bundled with the 3G option. Undecided about whether or not I'll pick one up next week :/

      Sony made a deal with Vodafone, you get WipEout which is a first party title, bundle is created.

    That starter pack JB is offering looks el cheapo. The good guys are stocking Vita, yes? If you pay cash you might be able to get a better deal.

    What I am hearing about this wipeout bundle pack?

    I paid $240 ($220 with the strong Australian doller) for a 3G version on Lockerz. Sure, the 3G might be locked, but it's still $130 cheaper than the WI-FI AU version.

    I walked into JB-Hifi yesterday, and I swear I saw them offering a game with it. I could be wrong though.

    If I get one it'd be from JB rather than EB Games just on principle. I find their trade in offers (8gb iPod Touch, 3DS, etc) insultingly low. If I just bought a 3DS for $250+, I except near that in a discount (because the 3DS just came out, it's not like it's a 5 year old console). To only be taking around $100 off the price is ridiculous (unless your 3DS is obviously damaged).

      Do you really expect to get most of the value back on your console? It's a business, not a charity.

    Does anyone know if the Sony pre-order bonus (ie earphones and downloads) have run out? I think they have run out in JB but not sure about EB or other retailers?

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