Why A Former Nintendo Developer Loves The Vita

One of the most interesting parts of reaching one's thirties is seeing how impermanent, flexible and downright unexpected someone's career path can end up being. Such is the case with Motoi Okamoto.

Previously having worked on a decade's worth of Nintendo titles, including Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine and Wii Play, Okamoto left Nintendo in 2008 to form Entersphere, the company responsible for PS Vita launch title Army Corps of Hell.

There's quite a difference indeed between cute little plant-critters and a deposed king of Hell. Personally, I love seeing anyone make this kind of jump. So many writers, artists and designers have so much creativity to put into the world that it's very cool to see them work with different platforms and genres.

Pikmin Writer Talks About Making Games For PlayStation Vita [Siliconera]


    Preordered this and UMvC3, super excited - this looks like a lot of fun.

    I wasn't really interested in this game, but I'm slowly taking a shine to it.

    >Former Wii Fit developer on his new game "Army Corps of Hell"
    Hahaha, I love it

    What an absolutely ridiculous comment. Has he never played Starcraft on a pentium 1? utter nonsense.

    ACH sucks ass peeps. Got some pretty bad reviews all over the web so imma pass on this one.

    lol Wii Fit dev? hahahahaha

    Although on a more serious note, his comment doesn't really seem particularly complimentary.
    As for the game, I wouldn't bother with it when I could play the PSP version which I don't have interest in.

    Because he was totally going to come out and say something negative about the Vita upon which his new game is coming out on...

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