Why People Give A Crap About A 1988 PC Role-Playing Game

Brian Fargo, whose credits include Bard's Tale and the original Fallout, wants to make a new Wasteland game. This is a very good idea. It's also a very good idea that Fargo wants to be involved, because there wouldn't have been a Fallout without Wasteland.

Released in 1988 on the PC, Wasteland was a pioneering RPG. Set in a post-apocalyptic future in the aftermath of a nuclear war, the player controlled a team of soldiers sent on a mission into a...wasteland. It was one of the first games to ever boast a persistent world, and also featured a rich and flexible approach to its obstacles and combat. It even tied into the real world by including documentation in the box that had to be kept tucked away and only read when the game instructed you to.

Most importantly, though, it set the tone which Fallout would follow a decade later. Wasteland was a dry, violent and smart video game. Its NPCs would sometimes bluntly refuse your requests. It revelled in the damage and pain you could inflict on your opponents, to the point where publishers EA stuck a PG-13 sticker on the box, despite the fact games didn't really need to be rated back then.

Brian Fargo has been trying to get this project up and running for around five years now, first floating the idea in an interview back in 2007. Since Wasteland was such an enormous inspiration on Fallout - to the point where in Fallout 2 characters repeat lines from Wasteland - it'd be great to see him return to that genre's roots, especially given the way Bethesda's Fallout games have deviated somewhat from the darkly humorous vision present in Interplay's earlier titles.

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    I also would have accepted "care".

    In a sentence, "Why people care about a 1988 PC role playing game".

      But swearing in the title makes this article more mature, hardcore and edgy.
      So Luke can connect to all the readers on an equal level, cause you know... swearing is bad, everyone likes bad boys.

        And yet the swear filter likes to capture my use of the word "coarse".

        ...I wasn't under the impression that "crap" was a word people were offended by.

        Reading the comments section of this article has changed my entire outlook on life.

          There are certainly more offensive words, but it is a little jarring and it is unprofessional.

            Exactly. If we were all teens that thought swearing was cool or funny then it would likely be ok. We are not and it is not.

          Also, it said "give a shit" before which is slightly worse. It was changed to be less jarring while keeping the author's original intent. Well played Kotaku.

      But the impact yo!

      *kicks in your front door, expose myself to your sister, call your mother a Trollop and drink all your beer*

      Now some Wasteland News!

      Shut up.

      God you are the worst person on this site [McGarnical].

        Ah, Sam. We meet again: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/01/rumour-thq-cancelling-2014-games-possibly-going-up-for-sale/comment-page-1/#comment-511270

        Still being a jerk I see.

          This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

        I don't think Sam understands things, or stuff.

          This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

            Irrefutable comment right there.
            Are you a lawyer, Sam? You should be a lawyer.

              you're a big fat poopy head!

            Well I got Metal Gear Solid HD Collection today, so nothing you say can touch me.

            Best weekend.

    Luke, I seriously hope one day you wake up and realise we aren't all 13 year olds who giggle at swear words. There is no need for them in this case.

    You could have said. Why people still care / want / think / enjoy / desire / need / you get the point about a 1988 PC role playing game.

    Grow up.

      im not sure luke gives a shit about what you are saying!

    ya know, kotaku.com doesn't see your comments, so maybe go there and let him know what you think.

      Apparently he's Australian. According to one of his comments on a different article.

        I believe he is Australian based but writes for Kotaku US. I remember before Kotaku AU existed he was the resident Aussie on the US site. Well that's how I remember it anyway.

    I don't have a problem with cursing in writing. Stephen King's characters would be very boring if they were all vanilla.

      ...That, and I was actually unaware anybody was so immature about the subject, or naive enough, to think "crap" was a curse word.

        it said "shit" before, actually. it's been edited

    This game meant more to me than any other rpg. i was 7 and played it with my brothers. any fallout game gets immediate interest from me purely because of my time spent in burnt out LA fighting the scorpitron, finding android pieces in an irradiated sewer, 'exploding humungous coyotes like a blood sausage'.... Ahh memories

    This is actually an article more thank 50 words written by Luke?
    *checks title*
    *realizes that it's 2012*
    Fair enough.

    Kotaku US.
    Where journalistic integrity goes to die in a slow, painfully torturous way.

    yes we need a real fallout game. Fallout 2 is still my number 1 game of all time

    Wow ... two comments that actually talk about the game in question instead of the article / author ... gotta relevance :) For what it's worth I loved Wasteland ... think I glimpsed it just a few weeks ago at my parents place when their garage got flooded and we unearthed a box of my old higshool 'warez' on 5 1/4" floppies. Those were the days ...

    Wasteland was an Apple II game, the PC version was a port.

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