Witness The Interspecies Fighting Game Insanity Of The Animal Kaiser Evo.3 Trailer

I'd never heard of Animal Kaiser before seeing this video but, after seeing animals doing backflip bodyslams off the top rope of a wrestling ring, I can only weep at the fact that this game isn't in my life.

This trailer's hyping the release of the latest title in Namco Bandai's Japan-only beast battle series, which tasks players to by collectible cards, slide them into arcade machines and fight fang and claw to level up your punching pets. Since the Kotaku East crew are all asleep now, I can only hope that the voiceover is appropriately insane.


    I love everything I am seeing with my eyes.

    This has very quickly moved into the top 5 most awesome things I've ever seen. Not first though, that spot's taken by a modern day samurai who can cut an airgun pellet in half with a sword, and lets face it, nothing will ever top that.

    Japan, don't ever change

    Played this in an arcade last time I traveled to Indonesia.
    The games pretty sweet the first time you play you use
    a default fighter then you get a random card at the end,
    either a fighter, item power-up or magic power-up then
    you get to mix and match from there.

    I was lucky enough to get a holo on my second play :D

    I want to see a match narrated by David Attenborough.

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