World Of Warcraft's Azeroth, Remade In Minecraft

It's been years since I played World of Warcraft, but I'm pretty sure that's Thunderbluff. Except it's in the wrong game! What we're looking at here is a procedurally-generated version built in Minecraft. Believe it or not, it's just a small part of an individual's near-total recreation of the game's continent of Kalimdor in Mojang's build 'em up.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the Minecraft copy wasn't made by hand — I can't even begin to imagine how long that would take. No, the creator, who goes by the handle Rumsey, used a set of custom tools (elaborated on in this thread) to take World of Warcraft's models and correctly place and orientate them on height maps. Once he (or she) had established the right measurements, it was possible to build a block-by-block representation of the world in Minecraft. The default constraints of the game don't allow for block heights greater than 128, so a mod was used to make sure the replica was as accurate as possible.

Rumsey says that it's possible build the game's dungeons as well, with the eventual result being a Minecraft re-creation that can be fully explored. If you ever wanted to dig your way through World of Warcraft, this is as close as you're going to get for now!

An overview of Kalimdor, rendered in Minecraft.

A bunch of screenshots, showing various locations on Kalimdor.

Crafting Azeroth [Minecraft forums, via DVICE]

Images: rakama.


    A WoW wow

    Just so you guys know, the dude didn't actually remake it block by block. He used a program to do it. He made the program, so kudos to him, but it's not as impressive as it first appears to be.

    A quote from the link above: "My pet project has been to recreate a full-scale version of World of Warcraft inside Minecraft. The creation of the world is largely automated by custom software which I've been developing over the last few weeks. It's just now reached a point where I can release some quality screenshots!

    Below you will see vistas from the first zone I have converted, Kalimdor, that I believe are very faithful to the original World of Warcraft environment. The same process will be used to re-create the entire game, including all continents and dungeons."

      Yep, that's essentially the entire second paragraph of the post. :)

        Did you just 'correct' the article without actually reading it first? Did that just happen?

          I believe it did, Mannotron. I'm scared too.

          Anyway, that is AWESOME.

          Oh Mannotron. Always saying things. Also am I the only one who thinks that him writing custom software is actually MORE impressive than laboriously doing it block by block?

            Kinda depends how much he/she had to write and how much he/she was able to source from other projects.

            There is that much code out there that if you know what to look for you can create a Frankenstein by stitching other bodyparts together(along with all the problems of Frankenstein)

    His 2 copper which was worth SFA!!!

    That's pretty baddass. Holy crap, this guy could blow up Garrosh's little throne room! Do it!

    How many others are also over the "remade in minecraft". It was cool a little while back, Its all a bit hipster now, "everything is cooler in 8 bit retro".

    Now make the world from the first Legend Of Zelda

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