Activision Sold A Crapload Of Skylanders Toys

Activision has sold 20 million Skylanders action figures, the publisher said during a call to investors today. That's, like, 20 times a million.


    One and a half sentences and a giant picture of a toy? Urgh.

    Me thinks he should just have added this to this article or at least linked them in some way...

    Rable!! Rable Rable!!

    You know what? I'm not surprised they sold that much. The figures have been disappearing from shelves as soon as they get there and have been extremely difficult to get hold of.
    It was the same thing when I was in the US a couple of weeks ago, too. Could not find them anywhere and when I spoke to someone in Best Buy they said they disappear on the same day they get restocked.

    im shocked and angry

    No elaboration at all? Wow. Terrible.

    Anyway, they're out of stock EVERYWHERE. it's amazing.

    I am not surprised either, at my work (Toys R Us) we get at least one call or one person come in each day asking about Skylanders. If Activision had supplied more, I'm sure they would have gone out the door straight away.

    And uh how many Skylanders games??? And did anyone even bother with the 3DS version? (I'm guessing no)


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