Xbox Marketplace Reveals Mass Effect 3 DLC

Xbox Marketplace Reveals Mass Effect 3 DLC

A listing on the Xbox 360 marketplace may have inadvertently revealed one of the first pieces of downloadable content for upcoming sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes, released February 20 presumably by accident, will apparently allow players to “unearth lost secrets from the past” and enlist a member of the game’s Prothean race (confirming previous rumors).

When Kotaku tried to download the DLC pack, we received a message saying, “Cannot retrieve information from Xbox LIVE.”

We’ve reached out to BioWare for comment and will update as soon as we hear anything.

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes [Xbox Marketplace — thanks Ben!]


  • Thankyou for that spoiler Jason, if I cared about ME anymore I’d have been really annoyed by that.

    Also I dislike the idea of DLC for this game from a design point of view (obviously business is differe). The main game should wrap up sheppard’s story entirely, not just the main plot line. They’ve always said they’re using DLC in the ME games as a bridge between 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, this is quite literally just a bridge to money. Meh, knew it was coming, but don’t have to like it.

    • you come into an article about ME3 dlc and bitch about spoilers? Talk about ridiculous. You knew what the topic and likely content were. On yer way troll.

      • Wow. Really? I come onto an article about ME3 DLC being leaked and I should assume there will be spoilers with no warning as the first thing visible on the page? Bullshit. I assumed there would be information on how the leak happened, if there was a response to it and if so, what that response is or is likely to be. If anything about the DLC itself needed to be said I’d have expected at least some warning.

        Honestly I don’t really care, I’m not a massive spoiler nazi, but I can understand some people would be pissed off, and no, I sure as hell don’t think it’s OBVIOUS spoilers would be included And oh look at the other comments, I was right, don’t even need to argue my case when the proof is right there for you to read.

    • Maybe, but the word ‘revealed’ kind of hitns that the article will contain the details of DLC. Not particularly surprising…

      • I’m confused as to why people think this.
        Things that an article about DLC could be about:
        Release Date
        Reason for the DLC
        Reason for the DLC leak
        Response to DLC leak
        The Title of the DLC (this is different to a summary of what will happen to the DLC in most cases. read: From Ashes)

        Not that assuming spoilers might be involved is wrong, but assuming they’re the only possible thing to include in the article 0_o

  • Now look, when you state that there will be DLC in a headline that normaly means that folks will talk about how A: Wrong it is, B: How over priced they tend to be or C: What it will be about.

    Now with C a spoiler alert would be BLOODY APPRECIATED thank you.

  • I really hate how DLC is announced before the game is even out.

    Worse is when you can only legitimately get a DLC if you purchase it from a certain store.

      • Not so much. I didn’t find the demo to be that great, personally. I wouldn’t go so far to call it shit, but the combat isn’t what draws me in when it comes to Mass Effect. And frankly, in the small amounts of gameplay the demo contained, I felt it was a step back from ME2.

        That being said, I’m still very keen for ME3, and I personally have an N7 Edition preordered. I just feel that the demo didn’t really show off the game’s strengths.

  • The game is still more than a week from release and there’s DLC? This… stuff is getting ridiculous. I’d be fine with online passes if they gave access to all DLC, but that’ll never happen.

  • Bioware destroying ME lore more and more. Protheans still alive, and leaked data from the demo implicated that he has a African accent. How down can Bioware go?

    • I don’t see how Protheans being alive goes against the lore. We only assume they’re all dead/converted to Collectors. I actually thought the idea of at least one Prothean still kicking around would be cool.

      Would have been nice if this wasn’t spoiled for me before the game was out. So yeah. Fuck this article.

      • Would have been nice if Bioware didn;’t retcon the protheans! So much for those interesting squid face things. Getting a bit sick of Bioware tbh. The ME universe if becoming less conceptually interesting with every instalment.

        • On Ilos in ME1, the only reason those Protheans were dead was because the facility ran out of power… what if it hadn’t?

          It’s conceivable some might have survived… and no retcon-ing was needed.

          • I was referring to their design. remember those strange statues, presumably, of protheans?
            I quite like the idea of a prothean charater.

          • Perhaps they didn’t actually have tentacles – just because they had statues with tentacles, it doesn’t mean that they necessarily looked like that. For example, the statues might be similar to human statues of angels or mermaids – perhaps these tentacles had some kind of symbolic or mythological significance. It’s also possible that in the past 50,000 years they’ve changed via genetic manipulation or some such.

          • Yes, those ideas are plausible but when we start justifying this stuff it just seems like it’s approaching retcon territory to me.
            Heat sink clips anyone?
            Also If i remember correctly, in the beacon visions in me you see the protheans and they look like those statues.

    • If you remember the conversation with the VI on Ilos (I do because I replayed it recently), they do mention that there were Prothean scientists on the Citadel when the Reaper invasion began, but that it’s unknown whether they managed to survive. So there’s some who may have. All the Protheans on Ilos died because the stasis pods eventually had to be shut down. We don’t know specifically what happened with every other Prothean settlement everywhere else – it’s only ASSUMED that they were completely wiped out because no one has seen them since.

  • Thanks for the spoiler warning Kotaku. Even if you think “reveals” should imply a spoiler, it should have still been included in the title.

  • This is a disgrace. Not so much the article which everyone seems to be preoccupied with, but the actual content. A prothean squad member!?! Not only should that be a huge secret left to be an exciting reveal, you would also think something like that would be an integral part of the main game. But no. It’s day one dlc.

    i know it will be free if you buy the game new, but seriously i hate this more than almost anything in gaming right now. Even if you managed to not click on this article to avoid the spoiler, you can bet that when you buy the actual game you will be bombarded with messages about “download the exciting dlc blah prothean blah blah enter single use code blah blah” before you have even put the disc in.

  • Look at all those jumping to conclusion.. How do we know that this extra squad member isn’t just a Kasumi or Zaeed? DLC makes me think it is

    • Maybe, but i think if you’ve been playing the mass effect games (and from your comment I think you have) you understand that a character reveal of that race is pointing at a potential reveal of a very crtical bit of story info.
      Im not going to lose any sleep over it, but i will say that I was a little bit annoyed.
      The game will still be awesome anyway.

  • Anyone else think there are too many cool squad members already? I hope there are ways of utilising all of them whilst on missions. Similar to the way the final mission went on ME2

  • Spoilery-ness was pretty much the only possible content for this article. Also even though I’ve been holding back from playing the demo cause I’m incredibly excited for ME3 I’m not too bothered by this. Maybe it’s cause ages ago I read a massive thread on an ME forum with someone explaining their massive theory that there’d be an actual Prothean squadmate in ME3 and so this is just confirmation that their crazy theory was actually right!

    I say bloody cool. And to all the people whinging about DLC, all the ME games were bloody massive without the DLC anyway. Also generally the DLC for the games has been pretty fantastic. I am very much OK with this.

  • If this is DLC that’s already been made, and adds to the game story and features… then uhh, put it in the damn game? Now? I don’t buy puzzles with 90% of the pieces, so why should I buy 90% of a game when the last little bit is just sitting there.

  • ME3 will be huge. Gaming sites will praise its name, DLC will be hotly anticipated, and Bioware will pat themselves on the back. Anyone who claims otherwise is a fool. It doesnt mean I have to like where they are taking this series however. Bargain bin purchase for me. Bioware can win some points back from me by not making Dragon Age 3 out of poodle droppings.

  • I expect everyone complaining of spoilers to email EA and ask that their product descriptions contain less spoilers, please.

  • As if there wasn’t reason enough to wait for the better version down the road or at the very least for it to drop drastically in price.

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