Yankees Pitcher Has One Hell Of A Custom PlayStation 3

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia — who we already know takes his video games seriously — has a very special, one-of-a-kind PlayStation 3. And it's one that speaks directly to my tastes.

It's wood-panelled! Pimped out like an old Telstar Classic. Sony made the console for Sabathia and emblazoned it with his number, a crown and some (fake?) rubies. Which all seems a bit much, really! The wood-panelling is so damn sweet it should have been left to just soak up all the attention on its own.

CC Sabathia takes PlayStation on the road [ESPN — thanks Jeff!]


    In a weird sort of way I miss all the random/absurd faux-wood panelling and whatnot that used to get glued to every concievable surface.

    In about 30 years we're all going to be ironically making things in glossy white plastic and making fun of how stupid everything looked when we covered everything with the stuff.
    It's going to be fun.

      Yeah my old CRT TV was covered in that stuff.

      But that PS3 looks sweet.

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