Yes, More Footage Of The Bootleg Pokémon Fighting Game!

Remember Pokémon: Type Wild, the fan-made fighting game that took Pocket Monsters and made a 2D beat-em-up for them? Here's some more gameplay footage.

This looks...well, it looks amazing. I would not expect an actual Nintendo product to look this slick.

The game isn't quite finished, but it is playable, so if you want to give it a try, check out the instructions here.


    Needs more Guile's theme...

    The production values look really good... but I worry a little about how playable the game will be.

    I don't know much about pokemon, but I'm pretty sure that in general a fire one is overpowered when fighting a plant one.

    The core audience who would play this game would demand that those relationships are kept intact for 'authenticity', but that's quite detrimental to fighting games.

    Maybe you'd need to make it a tag fighting game to avoid people just picking the "counter" to whatever the other player picks?

    I once played this god awful pokemon bootleg when i owned a PS1

    It was a whack a mole sort a deal where you hit some never before seen (fake) pokemon and it was also impossible to beat because you had to hit all of them, even the ones that are psychically impossible to hit because you cant be in 2 places at once, or play 2 player.

    Then the games laugh at you for losing, like a evil clown gone on a insane murdurous rampage sort of way.

    AND it was a POKEMON game on a PS1. Even 8 year old me knew it was bogus.

    Anyways, this looks intresting.

    Mortal Pokemon

    One problem I can definitely see is balancing. From that video, which I assume is a work in progress, so this may be disregarded entirely, I could see that Gengar's poison abilities were absolutely way too powerful, both in length of poisoning, and the speed at which it depletes HP.

    Still, this is looking fantastic, between this and Fighting is Magic, Im going to have some good fighting fun! :P

    Anyone know if this was made in Mugen? I have the same Gengar and Snorlax characters for Mugen and it looks like play the same.

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