Yes, The Next Medal Of Honor Game Is Called Warfighter

Between this official art (released by EA alongside confirmation of reports from earlier today) and the name, which isn't just funny but is also part of an existing, competing series, we're getting dangerously close to self-parody land here.


    Oh my goodness. I guess we'll all be looking forward to 2013's sequel, Medal of Honor: Gunshooter.

      Marine Soldier

      2016 - Medal of Honor: Bang bang pew pew guy

    Medal of Honor: Tough nuts!

    2018 medal of honor the other other modern shooter

    I don't see how a shooter done in a contemporary setting can be compared to a another shooter set in the future. :/

    The only thing that would be similar is the naming.

    But. Why.

      It's probably suppose to mean a 'Peace Keeper' or something along those lines.

    You think that's bad wait till the obligatory DLC packs come out.

    It's full of colons!

    Medal of Honor: Marksman Sniper 2 (cause sequels makes heaps more money at the box office gnyaaaaaa)

    Medal Of Honour : Medal Honourer

    Personally I'm waiting out for Mass Effect 3: Xeno Lover.

      They could get Judas Priest to do a re-authoring of Turbo Lover to use as the theme

    Wonder what the highest (or most advanced) difficulty level will be called...

    Warfighter does actually mean something. i.e. someone fighting an actual conventional conflict, few and far between these days. (for example, GRAW is only 'warfighting' in that you occasionally have to fight helicopters and tanks.)

    If the game is about the US fighting a major war with China or Russia, it makes good sense. Otherwise it's just a buzzword.

      Doubt those scenarios seeing how the past and the reboot was focused on actual world events. My guess it'll be set in another "War on Terror" setting or something unlikely as the invasion of Iraq.

    LOL! I love the suggested next MOH titles!
    Medal of Honour: BATTLE WARRIOR
    Medal of Honour: COMBAT FIGHTER (Expansion: "...OF DEATH")
    Medal of Honour: EXPLOSIONS AND STUFF!

    Warfighter is an actual term. In technical documents the soldier is often refered to 'the warfighter' e.g. empowering the warfighter to x them in the y using z.

      I was going to point that out too... but they're having so much fun, I didn't wanna spoil anything for them.

    I think this is an awesome name. No messing around here.

    Medal of Honor: Ribbon of Valor
    Medal of Honor: Honored Medal

    I'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiillll in a dream, Warfighter!'s just not the same.

    Medal Of Honor: Men With Guns
    Medal Of Honor: Pain Inflictor
    Medal Of Honor: Distributor Of Death
    Medal Of Honor: Extreme Discomfort
    Medal Of Honor: Almighty Displeasure
    Medal Of Honor: Dastardly Days Of Dread
    Medal Of Honor: Unfathomable Arrival Of Misery

    Ok I got carried away.

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