You Awake To Find Yourself In A Dark Room...

You awake to find yourself in a dark room. Do you — go north? Sleep? Turn on a light switch? Or ask why?

This is the opening question asked in the entertaining Youtube game The Dark Room, by a terrifying floating head with a voice like an angry Patrick Stewart. Your choices from this point on will lead to other instructions from said floating head, and the whole thing just escalates into a quite hilarious series of events that usually end in your demise. But it's all about the journey, right?

The Dark Room isn't technically a game, it's a series of funny youtube clips, but I had fun blasting through it.

Thanks to Andrew for sending it in!


    Well I know what I'm doing when I get home tonight. Screw Skyrim!


      The funniest part of this is that you weren't. Zing, indeed, sir.

    I'd try to play but I fear I might be eaten by a grue while trying to get ye flask.


    Dead within 4 videos via explosion. Excellent.

    I played this the other day, and LOVED it. Tried to find all possible endings. So funny.

    I'd waste no time finding a light source. I'd hate to be eaten by a grue.

    I smell wumpus

    Wow...that's just a video version of a flash game of the exact same name and made like 8 years ago.
    Not sure of it's a rip off or a montage


      This came about after a convention during which the creator of the video (John Robertson) briefly mentioned the old text based games. A lot of what you see in this 'game' are responses that he had as the audience yelled out possible courses of action.

      So it's more of a youtube version of part of his stage show "Dragon Punch"

    I played this before it went viral, also why no information on the awesome Australian who created this? John Robertson, comedian from Perth.

      Yeah, need some info on John Attached to it, he's awesome.

      Yeah, I know him quite well and met him through Supanova.
      I'm amazed how popular this has gotten.
      But also sad that there is no info about him.

      I agree!

    I ended up not in kansas anymore. lol

    Even more funny about all of this, it stemmed from a joke when he was presenting this year at Waicon, just recently gone by. He did a live standup show on the Saturday and this blossomed from one of the jokes.

      I was there, too.
      Had tears of laughter by the end. Amazing!

        we never did find those biscuits, did we?

          John ended up finding some in his bag :p Apparently one of his friends shoved them in there during the show.

          you did if you went to the auction on sunday

    "You caress the wall. It's indifferent to you."


    Is there actually a favourable ending to this game? I feel like I've tried everything at this point.

      There are a few different endings, one of them is joyous and does not involve dying. Good luck finding them all!

      8 possible endings, I think one doesn't result in physical death.

      There is!
      You just have to *ahem* follow the yellow brick road....

        Apparently that's not an 'ending'. Andrew tells me there is a way to finish gracefully- so far just explosions, Oz and 'turn off the pc' for me. Now John Robertson thinks I'm a quitter. Why do I care so much??

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