You Can Now Watch 4chan’s Vidya Gaem Awards

You Can Now Watch 4chan’s Vidya Gaem Awards

A couple of weeks back we mentioned that 4chan was putting together its very own video game awards titled the ‘Vidya Gaem Awards’. I had no idea what to expect, but the ceremony is now over with, and you can now check it out in full.

Good luck. I’m not going to say anything else, because I’m scared of 4chan, but I thought it was quite entertaining.


  • “Good luck. I’m not going to say anything else, because I’m scared of 4chan, but I thought it was quite entertaining.”

    Haha.. Well played Serrels, it’s for the best!

  • Is it worth watching? It’s kinda of funny in places. So maybe. But if you don’t frequent 4chan, you may not care too much for it. If this had been released during the Spike VGA’s, this would have been more worthwhile of your time than that.

  • I’m curious how many people watched the live stream (is was streamed originally yea?) Would give a good understanding of how big 4chan’s /v/ really is…

    • I actually watched the stream live, I believe at its peak about 12,000+ people were watching simultaneously. As someone said its good but if you don’t have a vague understanding of some of /v/ memes than some parts wont make sense.

      I thought it was good for a project with virtually no sort of financial backing or anything, but naturally /v/ hated it (/v/ hates everything, plus many of the awards went to the same games that Reddit gave their awards to, so many /v/ users were pissed)

  • i watched the stream. its definatley more for people who frequent /v/ as most people probably wont get some of the jokes or will just find some horribley offensive.

    i think it shits all over the vga as it atleast gives a detailed fucking answer for why a game won a category.

  • Better than the VGAs by far, but by god the irony of the entire thing.
    They despise the bias of other awards shows and Bioware fanboys, while displaying the biggest bias for Valve since random internet thread 101. I mean really, the Wheatley guy over Mark Hammil? Portal 2 writing over Witcher 2? By halfway through it was just a question of whether or not Portal 2 or Bastion were nominated, if so skip it because you knew the winner.

  • Dear Mark
    suggest you slap a warning up there “This video is 1 hour 43 minutes long”.

    I only get 12 gb a month, and I suspect that much video is a dicking lot of mb.

  • Watched it, loved it. Even if you’re not a 4chan regular you’ll get a lot out of it. Poor old Chris Chan 2011 was not his year.

  • You should be scared of 4chan. A friend of mine posted a lot of negative stuff about them and they actually tracked him down to his home address and started harrasing him with letters and threats.

    It is unwise to poke fun at these people, they WILL find you.

  • Monster Girl Quest is an adult game, so be wary if you’re curious about it. It was more or less a joke entry, though it does have a sort of rudimentary gameplay to it.

    Mark Hamill did technically win best voice actor over Wheatly, by something like 30 votes. However, there was some kind of technical error or votes were counted incorrectly so things got messed up towards the very end. Reddit votes were also not entirely filtered out, so that had some impact as well.

    For 2012, if there is an awards ceremony, the creators of the original plan to get moot involved, to get more anonymous participation. There were less than 10k unique 4chan voters, unfortunately. It wasn’t publicized enough. The results are more than a little skewed. Actually, they should probably have divided worst hated/least hated games into two categories (console vs PC game) since whether you own a console or not creates bias toward best/worst game.

    Still, it’s a decent award show considering it was hobbled together over the course of a month. Better than I expected it to turn out. I’m surprised it was even finished.

    • MGQ wasn’t a joke entry. It was a serious contender and should have won the awards in the categories it got nominated in. The awards are supposed to take impact on /v/ into account (which is why DA2 got a fair number of the negative awards. /v/ has hated few games more than it has DA2) and thus the awards were meant to be shamelessly biased towards the overall tastes of /v/.
      Monster Girl Quest was widely loved across /v/ and had very few haters at all, especially compared to Deus ex which like most games has its established haters on /v/.
      In purely /v/ exclusive polls MGQ always won over Deus Ex by a considerable margin but in the awards poll reddit voters swung the award in Deus Ex’s favor. That’s why there’s a fair amount of hate for the awards, the award for ‘the game /v/ hated the least’ wasn’t actually the game everyone knew /v/ hated least, hell even the host acknowledged that the expected winner was MGQ.

  • Well worth the hour and 43 minutes it took to watch.

    …… no wait.

    Damn it was long but very good. The last ten seconds was GOLD!

    For some strange reason I now have the overwhelming urge to try out Monster Girl Quest. Go figure.

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