You Can Sign Up For The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Now...

It doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a beta key, but it's got to be worth a try, right? According to the official blog, a total of 9000 keys have already been sent out to players of Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source players, and members of various communities — but now the survey is being opened up to everyone. Fill it out and you have a chance of receiving an invite to the beta.

Apparently the survey has "no wrong answers", in other words there's no way to guarantee yourself entry into the beta. I'm guessing the survey exists to help gauge various different demographics, Counter-Strike experience, just to get as much varied info as possible. In a nice touch, the team is continuing to gift some beta players with keys for their friends. Can't help but think that one will be exploited heavily — IT SHALL GO TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!

You can head here to fill out the survey and throw your hat in the ring. If they're looking for a completely rubbish CS player who legitimately lost to his mother in-law multiple time at CSS, look no further than THIS guy.

[Points thumbs at self]

Via Neogaf


    Can't wait for some cross plate platform fragging. Are Microsoft and Sony really going to let that happen!?

      Only between PC and PS3 at the moment.

        ^ That. Valve/CSGO devs who I can't remember the name of (Hidden Path or Turtle Rock I think) have said the XBL platform is too closed.

          Microsoft actually were going to implement this years ago when Halo 2 was released on PC, but after testing decided against it. Apparently the difference in skill was too noticeable for enjoyable gameplay.

            Last I checked, the PS3 version of CS:GO allows the use of a USB keyboard and mouse (UT3 had this feature as well)- so it won't be a totally unbalanced fight.
            Are there nay games on the Xbox 360 that also allow this? Or just the keyboard? (Or none of the above?)

    I tried to click on that link at work, but when it didn't work I looked at the URL closer. I assume you need to have Steam installed on your computer? Guess I'll wait until I get home then!

    Gabe's beard is clogging up the link.
    Also is this a beta for pc only?

      Yeah, beta's PC only.

    You do need to have Steam installed to fill out the survey.

    God I'm really hoping this game is decent

      It's published by Valve, it has to be decent... unlucky some games published by Activision...


        Can't be a fanboy when you have good taste =P

    You lost to your mother-in-law?

    Is she Korean?

    Everyone to cs_office, stat! Camp the boardroom, CAMP THE BOARDROOM!

      I shotgun (no pun intended) the break area, you stand on the table and be bait.

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