You Can’t Tell Shepard To Shut Up (But You Can Tell Him To Punch A Reporter)

You Can’t Tell Shepard To Shut Up (But You Can Tell Him To Punch A Reporter)

Microsoft has released a handy primer for Mass Effect 3 which shows how Kinect users will be able to vocally interact with the game.

Things look pretty simply, but I guess the simpler they are, the easier and more reliable they’ll be to use.

Just remember this only applies to actual commands, not actual intentions. So don’t just say “kiss lady space Nazi” or “EDI, remind me to feed the damn fish” and expect the game to do your bidding.



  • Man.. i would just feel rediculous talking to a TV during a game – it would really take me out of the experience!

    So basically, i would be talking, but it’s not me, it’s another guy who i’m controlling, which prompts said guy to say what i said so that somone else in the game would react?


    • I’m sure that people once said that about talking to Telephones… and then blue tooth and now using voice commands to their phones.

      Yes people still look stupid doing these things.. but is has not stopped them doing it.

  • I’d love kinect controls in the manager mode of FIFA or any sports game. You play as the manager and shout commands to your team, scream at the ref etc.

  • I don’t see why they can’t just use a headset to do this.

    Remember Ubisoft’s EndWar? That worked just fine.

    I don’t want to spend 100 bucks on a piece of plastic for a feature that could have been more cost effective without it.

    • Eah the voice controls in endwar were awesome, the game whas shite but the voice commands should be implemented into stuff like rainbow six so you can order a second team to do breaches at the same time you’re doing one yourself

    • I agree.
      RSV2 didn’t require kinect for me to give out voice commands.
      So why must Mass Effect need it?
      kinect’s for movement, there’s no movement involved in this. IT’S VOICE COMMANDS.
      JESUS ಠ_ಠ

    • I agree also, I have a kinect and the whole voice control thing is a problem as I also have a 5.1 speaker system, so my kinect sits right in front of the center speaker and has absolutely zero chance of hearing a thing I say if theres any form of noise going on in the game.

    • Pretty sure there are technical reasons for it. From what I remember Kinect voice recognition is essentially built into the XBOX OS and processed ‘outside’ of the game. The headset voice commands like in Rainbow Six and End War on the other hand were processed by the games directly. If the core Kinect library says you can’t select which microphone to use then that’s the way it is.
      Either BioWare would have to build their own voice recognition software, which is pretty costly for a feature nobody really asked for and the majority of players won’t use, or Microsoft would have to modify Kinect to accept voice commands via the headset (which isn’t a particularly bad idea, but there’s probably other restrictions that limit it to the Kinect microphone).

      It sucks the game isn’t flawless but there’s like a million reasons to play Mass Effect 3 that are way, way, way better than voice recognition.

  • tried using the kinect for the 360 demo
    was trying it more out of curiosity then anything else, i was expecting it to be a useless gimmick that would not be very useful

    i gotta admit i rather liked it
    someone mentioned earlier that talking to the TV would ruin the immersion,
    complete opposite i found.
    issuing commands to squad members enhanced the experience for me and kept the combat flowing rather than pausing to access the ability wheel every 15 secs to use abilities
    (before someone mentions that mapping the abilities to the controller eliminates that need, there are a lot more abilities to use than hotkeys available)

    it has convinced me to change my preorder from PC to 360

    i would recommend giving it a try if you can, surprised me with how effortlessly it worked
    i know it wont be for everyone, but i bet some will be pleasantly surprised

  • I’m just HOPING the squad selection is ONE persons playthrough and in their’s, Ashley won the cat-fight with Miranda, cause in my version, Miranda wins.

    But I very highly doubt it… I really preferred ME2 characters. Not a fan of Jack, but really liked Thane and his story. Jacob was another Kaidan, but actually preferred him. I liked the Samara and look forward to hopefully more Legion!

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