You Might Catch Some Secrets In This Final Fantasy XIII-2 Monster Video

Join me as I take a trip through my favourite new feature of Final Fantasy XIII-2, monster recruitment, snag a couple of rare creatures and witness the beginning of a legend that will never die.

Well, probably never die.

Since finishing the main story of Final Fantasy XIII-2 last weekend I've spent the majority of my time in the game hunting down any and all monsters I might have missed in my journeys. I blame the Pokémon franchise directly for my obsession; the slogan wasn't "You gotta catch most of them and then do something else" after all.

No, I will not rest until they are all caught, and with Square Enix promising more catchable critters via downloadable content I see no end of that quest in sight. I'm doomed to wander the world like some sort of fabled Chocobo.


    Either my internet is failing again, or there's no video here. Hm...

      Nope zere iz noting..

    Link in source said video not found. All else I could find was this picture.

    Guess we won't know them "secrets"?

    Finished the main story already ! Didn't it just come out this week ?

      Has probably had a preview copy for a few weeks now.

      He did, hence writing a review of it on this site before it came out.

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