Looks Like There's Another Medal Of Honor Coming

Not that anyone who finished the first game (or bought Battlefield 3, or is just paying attention) will be surprised by this, but an invite for a press event just turned up in our inbox looking like this.

Meaning we're 99 per cent sure to be getting a first look at a new Medal of Honor game in March.


    Cant wait not to play it....

    i really liked the story line of the first one and the multiplayer was ok hopefully they invested more time into this new one and it should be a great game.

    It makes one wonder just how scared companies are to release 'new' IPs or gamers are of playing them when EA still want to churn out a game on the now toxic MoH franchise.

    As for 'new' IP. Military shooter FPS? You could rote copy other games and franchises and who would notice?

    Awesome. I was just thinking it's been a couple of days since a new FPS came out. Well, now that itch has been scratched.

    OH GOD! do they have to. JUST MAKE MIRRORS EDGE 2 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!

      Mirrors Edge is DICE, DICE only did the multplayer part of the last Medal of Honor and I don't think DICE would have had time to do this MOH and I think there was an article awhile back saying who was doing the next MOH

      Danger Close makes MoH not D.I.C.E

    No way in hell am I getting this, Fuck you DICE and EA!

      What do DICE have to do with it? MoH was made by Respawn

        Respawn what?

          Buggar, "Danger Close" then, the point stands...

          Though, given that was the case, then Respawn are due for a game, they have been working on something for sometime now.

        I don't think Respawn had anything to do with the last MoH and DICE only did teh multi-player part of the last MoH so leave DICE out of this

      It was Danger Close you fool. Not DICE

    Wow, what's with all the hate? (rhetorical, btw)

    Personally, I loved MoH, and can't wait.

      Agreed, Cant wait to fuck up some ragheads, god kotaku's full of pussies.

      Yeah I thought MoH had it's moments. I particularly like the stealthy parts. Oh and the sniping. Shrugs* more gaming for us.

      I didn't mind it either, it wasn't out of this world, but it was certainly still playable.

      Hopefully, the sequel will just build on the platform they made with the first one.

      I really enjoyed the singleplayer, so yeah, looking forward to it.

    is this fake

    No, I think they already used this logo before, or is this old news? Definitely seen this logo before somewhere in the last 6 months as a MoH thing.

      pamphlet included with BF3?

        Ah that's it! I didn't buy the game but Kotak posted about it.

    "Not that anyone who finished the first game"
    I did.

    The first game's campaign story was great, the multiplayer needed some work though.


    Man I loved Medal of Honor. Best campaign for for military FPS. I only wished that Battlefield 3 campaign could have been similar. However, the MP for MoH could use alittle more work. The maps were small and open, that why it didn't work very well.

    Other than that, can't wait !

    Will they fix the auto-aim-bot pistol in the campaign mode this time, or will I be breezing through with mostly pistol headshots at 200 yards again?



    C'mon EA, put the money and time into something actually worthwhile.

    MeH: Dudebro assault, tactical beard simulator 2

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