1990s Adventure Game Wash-Up Wants Reboot, Begging For Cash On The Internet

1990s Adventure Game Wash-Up Wants Reboot, Begging For Cash On The Internet

If you played PC adventure games in the 1990s, you may have come across detective Tex Murphy, star of the absolutely badass Mean Streets and four more games that weren’t anywhere near as cool.

Murphy was one of the first FMV “stars” in video games, which was a lucky break for the character’s creator Chris Jones, since he wasn’t just the man designing the games, he was also the man playing the role of Murphy.

While the character has his fans – probably most fondly remembering 1994’s Under a Killing Moon – he’s not exactly a household name, so a new campaign to get a new entry in the series rolling via Kickstarter may at first sound a little crazy. Even if the campaign trailer is disarmingly charming.

But remember, this is exactly the kind of game that can work on the service. Tex has fans, and a project like this won’t need the millions other kinds of games will be asking for, so there’s every chance developers Big Finish Games could actually pull this off.

The reboot campaign is being called Project Fedora (Tex wears one, and the fourth game in the series was called The Pandora Directive), and it’ll be turning up on Kickstarter in May.


    • Agreed. Time for Tex to make a comeback, I’m sure the fans (of both Tex and those of the great adventure game genre) will be all over this.

  • Every single retro game wants a reboot, so it’ll head to kickstarter now. While I’m not against this idea, we’re about to see a Hollywood scale remake-athon happen via kickstarter…

  • I want this.
    I joined the series on Pandoa Directive and fell in love with it, but at that stage I was in no position to find any of the other games.
    I really hope this one makes it, although it will be interesting to see if the game completes the unfinished sequel or goes in a different direction.

  • Sounds perfect. The company that is asking for the money is made up of the core team that made the games back in the day. They’ve made a few adventure games since, and they bought the licence for Tex Murphy but I hadn’t heard anything from them in a while and thought they may have gone defunct. The original Tex games are now on GOG.com and are well worth checking out. I loved Under a Killing Moon when I was younger.

  • I actually find the tone of the article somewhat irritating. I have fond memories of Under a Killing Moon and Pandora Directive coming out and being big news in the gaming press. UAKM was the first full motion video game I recall to get it right and Pandora Directive is still a masterpiece of its day (and holds up very well now). I am very excited about this announcement!

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