Remember This?

Remember this is a strict balance thing for me. I don't want to make it too hard, but if it's too easy, people get a bit whingy. So, this one is hard. Enjoy yourself!

Someone was very close... so close.


    Police Quest 2

    Back to the future 2? Sega master system

      back to the future 2, zx spectrum?

        Yeah I think you got it. The perspective shift really throws you off...I was thinking some kind of side scroller.

        Well done.

    People will whinge no matter what you do.

    Having said that, I was only introduced to the wonderful world of gaming late in the original PlayStation era so I have no idea what 90% of these games are.
    Le whinge.

    You didn't miss out of much these retro games were extremely difficult and aesthetically unpleasing.

    For some reason most retro gamers take to that with great pride, even though i'm consider myself a retro gamer I still don't know 90% of these.

    Batman: The Movie?

    I'm trying to remember if Raid Over Moscow had a road section...
    This is familiar but my memory of the younger days are eluding my old man brain.

    TMNT Arcade?

    Ghostbusters C64

    Ghostbusters on Atari 2600?

      Looked at some images, seems I was misremembering the driving sections.

    Street Rod 2

    Leisure Suit Larry?

      Actually no, doesn't look like that's it. I'm going to kick myself when it's revealed, I know I've seen it before.

    Paperboy on NES.

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