Lovely Lady Mario Shoes

While we're still waiting for the Fruit Ninja developers to make giant watermelon shoes, we will make so shoving our giant ogre feet into these custom hand-painted Super Mario shoes.

These shoes are hand-painted by Jamie Ferraioli, who runs an Etsy Store. The shoes in the Etsy store range from $US75-$160. Mark likes the shoe with the pretty platform the best.


    Didn't we have this article a few days ago?

      Yes we did:

    I want them.

      Its ok if you get them as long as you only wear them at home, alone and in front of the mirror.

    As a male, I want them in converse style.

    Please, ladies, don't refer to your feet as "giant orge feet". It's very disturbing.

    Those shoes would get you lots of love from the gaming nerds, though. Provided that is what you wanted...

    Everyone get one of these, then we can have a Mario shoe convention!

    Finally something that marries my love of Video Games with my penchant for heels, lol

    It's actually the paint job that's for sale. You need to send them your shoes, and they'll send them back painted and sealed.

    The painting is great, the shoes themselves however, leave a lot to be desired.

    I'm still waiting on someone to release Bayonetta heels.

    My wife has the blue flats on order, currently being painted to her personalised tastes :)

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