860 Screenshots Tell My Mass Effect 3 Story

One of the reasons I enjoy being a PC gamer is the ease of taking screenshots. Sometimes, many screenshots. It's a hotkey that calls to me with an allure I can't ignore.

So it came to pass that when I played through Mass Effect 3 with my Shepard, the Shepard I had played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, I felt compelled to chronicle her adventure in pictures. In the end, the album made a still-frame diary telling the story of who my Shepard was, who she saved, who she sacrificed, and who she loved.

Although the opening sequence and first two missions are absent (I hadn't yet sorted out the best way easily to capture screengrabs) the folder of nearly 900 images I had when all was said and done represented the full story that I saw in my personal playthrough of Mass Effect 3, which in the end will be nearly identical to many other players' stories and yet also remains unique to me. (This also means that there are enormous spoilers throughout, for every major mission, some minor ones, and for the game's ending.)

Resident Kotaku video guru Chris Person has taken this series of stills and strung them together into one very cool-looking story.


    Unfortunately the continual barrage of still images is headache-inducing.

    Love the game though.

    The thing about taking screenshots to represent your journey through the game is having the editorial skills to delete the boring or useless ones and retaining the screenshots that represent the highlights. Citizen Kane didn't show Charley taking a dump.

    Its amazing how different this play through was from mine. It would be a great function if this was built into all versions of ME3. Thanks for sharing.

    I took about 2000 screenshots!

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