A Good Look At The Portal Gun Toy In Action

Limited to just 5000 pieces and priced at $US150, most of you will never get your hands on one of NECA's replica Portal guns. Ah well. You may as well do the next best thing and check out this video of one of the beasts in action.

It certainly looks the part, and the flashing lights are great, but those sound effects...I realise the price had to be kept down and you're never going to get the same POP like you do from the actual game, but still. It sounds a little weak.


    These are available at Gametraders seemly

    It sounds awful, like someone sneezing behind white noise... What year is this?

    I thought the arms would move when it was fired...

    Wow.... A toy gun that has flashing lights. Never seen that before. Oh, wait, there in thos $2 shops.

    $150 for that piece of junk?! U WOT M8

    Yeah.. i'm actually with the others - it looks pretty - but the sound is AWFUL!

    It does sound terrible but im hoping its the recording :s

    I dont regret pre-ordering this and can wait for it. It will still look goo on display so im not too phased

    do they sell that moon rock paint so we can make portals and stuff??

    is that a boy or girl holding dat portable weapon?

    Why didnt they just add the audio thats from the game

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