A Look Under The Skin Of The New Sim City

Here's a neat behind-the-scenes glimpse at Glassbox, the engine powering EA's upcoming SimCity, the fifth game in developer Maxis's popular sim series.

Developer Dan Moskowitz gives us a look at the map layers, agents, zones and other inside functionality that will make the game flow. Since SimCity will ship with a complete world builder that players can use to construct their own sandboxes, this is a great chance to start planning out your life-size metropolitan re-creation of Stephen Totilo.

SimCity Insider's Look GlassBox Game Engine - Part 1 [YouTube]


    Seems pretty darn advanced. I gotta admit I love me some simcity

    Really looking forward to this one, I am a huge city sim nerd. Sucks we have to wait so long, Tropico 4 can only tie me over for so long...

    Looks like they finally decided to steal some mechanics from settlers. This is a good thing.

    "this is a great chance to start planning out your life-size metropolitan re-creation of Stephen Totilo"
    What, so we can endlessly hurl multitudes of disasters at him? :P

    This is all well and good, very technically advanced over its predecessors, but I still get the general feeling that EA has really been letting the series go, gameplay-wise. The last "good" SC game I played was SC2K, and it was due to the quirky character and simple UI, along with the Urban Renewal Kit, that I loved it. Sure, it could have had more possible disasters, but it's been more fun than, for instance, simcity societies or simcity 4. (SC3K was O.K.) This is just my opinion though.

    Haven't played Sim City game in AAAAGES. Really looking forward to this

    As long as I still get the sexy lady voice saying "reticulating splines" I'm sold.

    I'm excited for this but I'll probably wait at least a year after release before buying this as I've a strong feeling all the interesting stuff will be paid DLC.

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