A My Little Pony Xbox 360. Just In Case You Needed One.

I am not Michael Fahey. I do not understand the appeal for grown men of My Little Pony, a franchise my little sister thought was rubbish when she was nine.

if you are Michael Fahey, though, you may go bananas for this custom My Little Pony Xbox 360, with hand-etched plexiglass, paint scheme and fancy lighting system. Even the controllers get the treatment.

The amount of detail this man has to go into to explain the colours is a little frightening.


    Hell Luke, you're alright.

    "there is a second layer of plexiglass to protect you from the lazer"

    Yeah, ponies rulz. Awesome mod anyway.

    People don't really like MLP, they like popular things and being a part of them.

      I strongly disagree, I think most people like it because the show is genuinly funny.

    I've actually watched MLP and I have to say I'm a fan of it. Not what you remember of the 80's

    I thought peoples interest in it was stupid and I watched it, then proceeded to watch every episode.

      Besides, who can resist those adorable little ponies!!!

      They may be a little childish, but who cares with MLP around we can all have a gay old time. ^_^

    Things have changed, Mr. Plunket. What your sister once thought was bad WAS indeed bad. This, however, is a rather unique take on a franchise that was near death. Thanks to a good creative direction, it is now a very popular show for a slew of different reasons. I, for one, commend the design team for the portrayal of the many characters and the animation team for really bringing the show to life and making it Believable. Not many cartoons nowadays really see this kind of love and care put into it's creation.

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