A Pokémon Team Was Kicked Out Of A Hotel For Throwing Crap


According to reports, at a recent round of the Pokémon Video Game Championships held in the UK, a Spanish team covered itself in infamy (among other things) after it was ejected from a hotel for throwing human poop.

From an eyewitness report, later backed up by others:

After 30-40min in my room relaxing with a quick snooze I awoke to the sound of banging comming from down the hall from where the 'Spanish Team' were staying in. It seems that at some point after they had turned up and when we went to Wether Spoons the Spniards had decided to have a 'Poo' fight in the corridor and this had upset the staff and several guests (naturally) at the hotel enough to call the Police and have them leave.

So not only are they throwing crap in the hallway, but the cops had to be called. To break up, then kick out of a hotel, a bunch of kids throwing shit at a Pokémon tournament. Here's hoping there weren't too many actual crimes going on in Birmingham that day.

True story: in a previous life working in childcare, we had a kid - let's call him Ed* - who was a shit-chucker. Ed* the Shit-Chucker, he was known as. That's not a nickname you can just walk away from. I hope these morons all earned it, and that it's as snappy in Spanish as it is in English.

* Note - not his real name, of course.

PokeChamp21's First Warstory Part 1 [PokemonWorld, via Destructoid]


    They were only thrown out? 20 years ago you would of been up for a Psych analysis.

    I don't necessarily see the appeal in a poo fight........but hey if that's what your into, I won't judge.

    On the escapist they excused them on account of the tournament being held in Birmingham. I blame the organisers. They are lucky this is all that happened.

    Jorje uses splash attack....

    It's super effective!

    A wild Spainish team appeared.

    They used poop.

    It was ineffective.

    They acted like a bunch of Primapes.

    Well that seems like a load of shit...

    What a crappy situation.

    Do you think i give a shit about this article?

      Who are you to say that any poop you do within 24 hours of reading this article is definitely not related?!?!


    Flinging poo? Isn't that how they design every pokemon game post Gen 2? They should be rewarded for showing the same level of creativity.

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