A Review Of Mass Effect 3's Cupcakes


    This is what passes for news these day huh.

    Huh, I hope Bioware checked them. They're most likely laced with Cyanide.

      No Happiness, though.

        They are cupcakes, so a little happiness.

          Cyanide and Happiness? That's a pretty good combo, someone should make some kind of website about that.

    The game has been out for about a month now? I'm assuming a lot of the nerd-raged infused crowd finished it within a week. Who the hell complains about the ending to a video game for weeks after they've finished it? They do know there are other games, right?

      so i am a raging nerd because i felt i was given an inferior product after spending more that 200 hours over 3 years (for me) in a universe i helped shape? get off your high horse and let the people who are unsatisfied with the game exercise their right to express their dissatisfaction. its not going to hurt you if they do.

      be on your merry way since you don't linger on insignificant matters

        The main position is that we were given a great game with an unsatisfying ending. If the game itself sucked then nobody would be whingeing about the ending.

        "Blah blah blah, whinge, cry, entitled something-rather, first world problems, hate my life, no Bioware."
        Is ALL I ever hear on any article to do with Mass Effect these days. There are way, way worse injustices in the world. I'm a Mass Effect nut, and the ending is the least of my problems in this world. I also dislike the endings to Bioshock, Deus Ex: HR, and pretty much any game these days, but wow. Put all that anger at your false sense of entitlement to good use, and go do something productive with it. Take that money you put into that "ZOMGENDINGCHANGEZ" Kickstarter Fraud- ahem ..FUND and give it to someone less well off than you, a charity, anything. So, so over it. People make me sick.

          The protest CHARITY raised EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

          Next time do your research first.

          Who let this bosh'tet in?

            Much of which was asked to be refunded.


              My point was Aku ACCUSED it of being KICKSTARTER FRAUD and said it SHOULD HAVE BEEN used for charity.

              This. I was casting assumptions on it's credibility because of this right here.
              I've done my research, thank you very much.

        "so i am a raging nerd"

        Yes. Expressing your dissatisfaction is very different to demanding them change the game to cater to your tastes.

    i hate you luke

      Love your work.

    Reporting on how the passive-aggressive cupcake campaign sent from legions of fat angry neckbeards to the hackjob dollar-chasing yahoo's at BioWare actually TASTE?

    Excuse me while I use this memory eraser. And by 'memory eraser' I mean a Black & Decker hammer drill violently thrust up my nose and pulling the trigger for sweet release. Perhaps then I could read a Luke Plunkett article without feeling dirty (the BAD kind of dirty) because only with a scrambled frontal lobe would I be on equal footing with this intellectual juggernaut and his dynamic journalism.



    What would have been a funny little twist of irony is if the last bite left a bitter taste in your mouth, but then, that would mean ruining a perfectly good cupcake.

    Little do they know 1% of the cupcake is dog faeces.

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